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Forklift Certification a Boom for Vocational Students



A rewarding career doesn’t have to require years of college school work or thousands of dollars. Skilled tradespeople are in high demand throughout Canada and the U.S. as less and less people train for these types of positions. Not only is our culture and economy suffering from a reduction in new tradespeople coming into the job market but many people are missing out on the benefits that come from entering this career field.

Forklift training Canada is one of the trades education options students have who would like to go right into a job after high school, make good money to support themselves, and save thousands of dollars compared to higher education or while you save for college.

What is Forklift Training Canada?

Young students in Canada have the opportunity to learn a trades skill that can allow them to move right into a rewarding career after high school, either postponing or avoiding college altogether. Forklift training Canada provides the information and practical learning students need to qualify for jobs as a forklift operator in a number of different work settings. Enjoy an in-demand career for life, or use this job position as a jumping off point to a different career or as a way to work and save money.

So how does Canada forklift training work? These courses are part of a job preparedness program that gets students ready to handle a practical vocation after high school. The idea behind forklift certification for these students is to get them into a lucrative job after high school. students take part in class sessions that include over five hours of learning to ensure every student receives and comprehends all the essential information.

Is Forklift Certification Training Canada Encouraging for Students?

When brought our forklift training to Canada, many students seemed to enjoy the training, and were able to see and practice using a forklift donated from a local machinery warehouse. Administrators of the program believe that students were excited about the opportunity, and motivated to learn hands-on techniques that will make them better candidates for jobs after their high school education.

One of the greatest reasons and benefits that make our forklift training Canada program so great is that we’ve designed it to be as easy to understand and comprehend as possible. There’s an online portion that can be completed from any device with an internet connection, and an in-person practical assessment that students will complete to receive their forklift certification Canada. We make it easy and simple to complete Canada forklift training.

What Forklift Training U.S. Programs Are There?

Similar vocational programs in the United States offer students the chance to explore forklift certification training after-hours, or as part of their high school curriculum. Students interested in taking their training a step further may also participate in forklift train the trainer programs, which will allow them to someday administer training to future high school students, or to train in qualified workplaces.

For US students, forklift certification training is the key to job opportunities that may not exist otherwise. Vocational programs help students who aren’t necessarily planning on pursuing a college education get the training they need to operate a forklift or work in a related vocation. With the high cost of college tuition that seem to only be increasing, vocational schools that teach skills like forklift operation are a great option for many students who want a rewarding and successful career but can’t or don’t want to pay for the high costs of college. 

Why is Forklift Training a Great Option for Students?

In both Canada and the United States, creating more after-school or during-hours programs for high school students could be a great asset to the country’s future construction job force. Students are eager to learn to work with forklifts and become forklift-certified before they even begin forklift jobs in the construction or warehouse industries. For eager students, more vocational programs to teach this trade in American and Canadian schools would be a blessing.

If you’re an administrator wanting to get this program at your school for high school students, all it takes is a few easy steps:

  1. Sign up for the Canada forklift training on our website
  2. Register your students or school
  3. Provide a Trainer to lead the students though the forklift training Canada
  4. Give students the training manual and hazard recognition handout
  5. Test students
  6. Lead the practical assessment
  7. Print certificates and wallet cards for everyone who passed

It’s that easy and simple for students to learn this valuable skill and be ready to hit the job market after high school.

With’s forklift certification course, you and your students will get to take advantage of the following exclusive benefits:

  • All training is in-house. No traveling to an offsite facility
  • Trainers receive all the materials, handouts, and checklists they need to complete the written, classroom, and practical components
  • Register your class and pay for the training kit once; each student doesn’t need to pay for their own training program!
  • Provide students with an in-demand skill that is recognized and needed throughout the United States and Canada

Provide students with the key to their post-high school success with forklift training Canada at!

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