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San Francisco is the fourth most populated city in California, and being famous for bridges, cable cars, and architecture, job opportunities for forklift operators are plentiful. And the best way to take advantage of these positions is to get forklift certification. Forklift certification in San Francisco is beneficial to the safety of drivers, and employers are taking this certification very seriously. 

ForkliftCertification.com is here to help. Our training courses are ideal for forklift certification in San Francisco. Benefits of our certification process include:

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FLC’s training programs make earning your San Francisco forklift certification easier than ever. Our affordable courses are 100 percent OSHA-compliant, allowing you to meet safety regulations in about an hour’s time. We also offer complimentary recertification training for life. There’s simply no better opportunity to earn your certification than with FLC!

Convenient Course Options for San Francisco Forklift Certification

In need of online san francisco forklift certification? FLC can help. Here are some of our course offerings and their prices:

Train a Trainer

For $149, any member of your staff can become an OSHA-certified forklift certification trainer. FLC’s Train a Trainer course teaches workers how to educate others about OSHA’s forklift safety requirements. This self-paced program is designed for employees of all background and experience levels. Backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee, this training is one of the best investments you can make in your organization.

Employee Training Kit

For $145, FLC’s Employee Training Kit allows you to educate workers about a wide range of safety topics. Learning materials that teach workers how to safely operate and maintain a forklift are included. Trainees will also learn to identify hazards, avoid accidents, and more. They’ll gain the much-needed insight necessary to foster a productive, safe workplace. After completion, workers will be in compliance with OSHA mandates. This means avoiding expensive safety compliance fines.

Bundle Package

Get our Train a Trainer course and Employee Training Kit for an affordable $399. Our Bundle Package is a real bargain, considering how many resources and tools are included. 

Online Certification

Our sister site, CertifyMe.net, also offers convenient online certification for forklift training in San Francisco. Available for just $59.95, it’s a great way to earn your certification in about an hour’s time. 

Don’t delay in signing your workers up for our programs. Begin today and ensure your company is OSHA-compliant!

Why Workers Need Forklift Certification in San Francisco

There are many great forklift jobs in San Francisco, and these include: Dock Workers, Warehouse Driver, Material Handler, Warehouse Cargo Agent, Yard Worker, Construction Worker, Engineer, and Data Warehouse Worker. More available jobs include a Staging Company Driver such as those who work with audio and video staging for concerts, and a Shipping and Logistics Coordinator.

All of these jobs are great for those who wish to become a part of the ever-growing and thriving San Francisco community. However, they all require employees to obtain forklift certification in San Francisco to keep city dwellers and workers safe and protected from injury due to amateur operators.

OSHA Requirements for Training Forklift Operators

OSHA takes workplace safety very seriously. All employers are required to provide their employees with a workplace that’s safe and free of hazards. Each operator must receive OSHA-approved forklift training and be capable of safely operating the equipment. Training must include written instructional materials, practice operating a forklift, and a skills evaluation by an experienced trainer, including demonstrating proficiency in operating a forklift.

Other requirements for certifying San Francisco forklift operators include the operator’s ability to:

Correctly identify the various controls and understand their functions

 Operate the engine

 Steer and maneuver a forklift

 Stack and unstack loads

 Drive through narrow passageways and aisles

 Avoiding pedestrians

While these requirements may look intimidating at first, earning your forklift certification in San Francisco is easier than you might expect. By putting in the work to understand how to safely and efficiently operate forklifts, you set yourself up for a long, rewarding career.

Earn Your San Francisco Forklift Certification Today

FLC’s San Francisco forklift certification package is incomparable. No other training courses offer as many resources for such an affordable price. Whether you’re an individual looking to add certification to your resume or an organization hoping to get multiple employees certified at once, FLC has the options you need to get OSHA compliant. 

Earn your forklift certification in San Francisco today. Signing up only takes a moment or two, and you’ll be on your way to learning new skills in no time. For questions about our offerings, give us a call at 888-278-8896 or contact us online.