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Tractor Pulling in LeCroy and Forklift Certification?

What’s Next? – Monster forklift trucks. . .

On a bright, sunny April morning, LeCroy Career/Tech Center hosted the annual county tractor driving contest recently on their campus. Students from all over the county came to test their skills on the large machines and compete for prizes and bragging rights. A Jemison High school teacher, Brian Lucas said that the competition focuses on skills student are going to use in the agriscience field.

As the name of the contest would suggest, students are tested on their driving skills-but they are also tested on safety, parts and machinery. There is also a compact tractor contest that is beneficial for those interested in landscape work after they leave academia. There is a new category this year at the tractor driving contest: forklifts. This is the first year that a forklift program has been offered at LeCroy after a grant allowed them to purchase a new forklift.

How Does It Work?

The forklift test, which simulates the work done in a warehouse with tight turns, allows students to earn their forklift certification as well. Students taking part in this competition not only got the opportunity to show off their skills, but were given the chance to walk away with a valuable and necessary certification if they hope to obtain a position in any field that requires the use of a forklift.

Getting Students Ready for Future Careers

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Forklift certification is vital when operating heavy machinery. Forklift certification is proof that the operator not only knows how to safely operate the machine, but is also aware of all safety procedures and the inner workings of the machinery.

The number of careers available that use heavy machines such as tractors, compact tractors and forklifts is growing exponentially. These students are getting a head start in a growing field. The students involved in these programs are serious about their future careers.

While driving tractors and heavy machinery may not seem like a great pastime in urban areas, competitions like this one can get more students interested in forklift certification and heavy machinery careers. Notes that such contests are supervised by forklift certified mediators who are able to take control in any situation, and who watch the students carefully to ensure that no dangers are present.

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