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What Does the Toyota Forklift Move Mean?


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Toyota Material Handling of USA has long been based in California the Orange County City of Irvine, providing jobs to Southern California residents for some time. This particular plant manufactures and ships heavy machinery such as forklifts for Japanese equipment giant Toyota.

Over the past several years, and particularly since the economic meltdown, there’s been an increasingly troubling flux of jobs away from the Orange County area, as well as California on the whole. Toyota recently added itself to the list of California expats by planning a country-wide trek to a new office in Columbus, Indiana. The Midwest is home to many small company labor jobs that require forklift certification, so strategically, the move makes sense.

The new office already includes a staff of over fifty employees, working in a million-plus square foot facility. The new warehouse will continue the work handled at the Irvine site, including creating and exporting forklift parts and machinery to various locations throughout the United States.

Advantages for Columbus

What causes economic problems in one area creates jobs in another. Hundreds of jobs are expected to trickle into the Columbus warehouse during the closing of the Irvine facility. Toyota claims that moving the warehouse will allow all their production services to happen under one roof, allowing better response times for customers and a deeper financial funnel for the company overall.

What About Forklift Certification?

Forklift certification and training questions can be brought directly to the Toyota plant. Interested parties will be able to get a hands-on idea of how forklifts are assembled and how they work, which can lead to a greater understanding of forklift safety issues overall. While some Irvine area residents may be looking for new work, Columbus area residents will find new forklift certification opportunities at their doorsteps over the next several months.

The Toyota transition is expected to roll out in phases, effective immediately.

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