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  • OSHA
    Requires Forklift Training and Certification

    Get your team CERTIFIED to operate your FORKLIFT 100% OSHA compliant

  • OSHA
    Requires Forklift Certefication

    Get your team CERTIFIED to operate your FORKLIFT 100% osha_small compliant RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!



    For Managers, Supervisors, and Foreman. OSHA requires a qualified trainer that can properly conduct a hands on evaluation for other employees that get forklift certified.
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    Get your employees OSHA compliant and certified to safely operate a forklift. This full Forklift Certification Kit will be shipped to you and the training can be completed by your employees in 1 hour!
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    Save $50 when you purchase both the "Train A Trainer" and the "Employee Training Kit". This bundle gives you everything you need to be OSHA compliant.
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At, we make it is easy for employees to get the equipment-specific training and trainer education you need to safely fulfill your duties. We have created an online OSHA compliant forklift certification program that includes everything you need to be knowledgeable in operating forklifts and how to train other workers in the safe usage of equipment. In as little as one day, for a fraction of the price when compared to other training programs, you will have your forklift certification in hand ready to work!

Because our forklift training is so effective and convenient, we have had the pleasure of training the employees of top U.S. companies for over ten years.

Why Certify Your Forklift Operators?

  • Improve safety in your workplace and protect employees from equipment-related injury and fatality.
  • Be OSHA compliant with quality forklift certification.
  • Save yourself from being hit with costly fines from OSHA.
  • Improve productivity with capable and confident workers.

We’ve Been There!

We follow OSHA very carefully and make sure we are always up-to-date when changes occur to rules and regulations. We have created our convenient and affordable online forklift certification program with business owners and workers in mind because we at FLC have been in your shoes. We are experienced forklift operators and we know the kind of training employees look for, and we have done the research into what OSHA requires, to meet the requests of both parties.

Whether you’re the owner of a small business or a large corporation, we will educate your employees in the safe handling of forklifts so you can be ready for all OSHA field inspections.

Don’t Risk Another Moment Being Uncertified–Complete Your Forklift Operator Training Today!

Taking time away from work for forklift training can be extremely inconvenient and frustrating to say the least. That’s why we wanted our forklift certification to be as easy, convenient and quick to complete while providing the quality education workers need to fulfill OSHA’s regulations and feel confident operating heavy machinery.

The many benefits of our forklift training includes:

  • Completion time of about one hour.
  • Online training at either your home or during a lunch hour at work.
  • Step-by-step learning and interactive lessons.
  • Affordable prices.
  • OSHA compliant training to fulfill all requirements.

With our training, works towards reducing the number of injuries and deaths that occur each day on worksites, and we want all businesses to be successful in following the protocols established by OSHA for a safer and fine-free work life.

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