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The Safest Way to Stack Containers

Cargo and shipping containers are used to transport various materials across land and sea, and even build budget-friendly homes. No matter how they are being used, the key to using shipping containers is to stack them safely and properly.  If it’s your job to stack containers, it is your responsibility

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The Importance of a Seatbelt in Forklifts

A typical warehouse forklift weighs an average of 9,000 pounds and can be very dangerous if left in the hands of an untrained operator without the right safety tools. There are roughly 85 forklift fatalities a year, and seat belts play an important role in preventing more from happening. If

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When to Use a Forklift Vs. a Pallet Jack

A warehouse is a large-scale handling facility that carries a wide range of goods and materials depending on the company. These types of workplaces, including construction sites, require the assistance of powerful material handling machines that are built to lift, handle, transport, and drop-off loads of various sizes, shapes, and

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Forklift Safety Tips for Transport Loading and Unloading

  The forklift is a material handling piece of equipment that was designed to load, unload, and transport heavy objects and materials. They are used throughout warehouses mainly and are a crucial part of the daily working processes. Trained workers are the only ones qualified to operate forklifts because as

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How to Avoid a Forklift Tip-Over

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), tip-overs are the most common accident involving forklifts. When a forklift is being improperly operated, many factors play into the reasons why it is dangerous. The physics of a load-baring lift truck, too high of speeds, and not paying attention to

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