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Why You Should Get Your Phoenix Forklift Certification

Phoenix, the largest city in Arizona, boasts significant industrial might for a relatively “small” urban region. The city is home to a handful of Fortune 500 companies, and Phoenix also enjoys strong transportation, distribution and natural resource commerce. With Phoenix’s skyrocketing growth rates in the past few decades, the city’s

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Get Certified for Forklift Jobs in Houston

With more people than any other city in the South, Houston also ranks top-5 in the United States for most populous cities. Houston boasts a robust infrastructure and corresponding economic indicators, including world-class industrial, transportation, technology, energy sectors, just to name a few. Texas’ biggest city has always been a

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Most Common Forklift Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Nobody ever said a forklift driver was an easy job. But it’s a great way for someone with limited education to earn a decent living. That said, a forklift operator is subjected to unique on the job hazards that other occupations lack. This blog will look at some of the

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Forklift Safety: How to Prepare for Winter

“Winter is coming.” That phrase has been made popular lately by the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” but it’s also apt for any forklift driver, training supervisor or safety consultant. When the weather turns bad, accident rates go up. Winter conditions are a hazard for any forklift driver operating outdoors,

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Four Ways to Optimize your Warehouse for Forklift Efficiency

Is your warehouse up to speed, in terms of productivity and safety? Even the best-trained operators can fail in an unsafe environment. If you’re a supervisor, foreman or safety consultant and need some assistance in getting your (ware)house in order, here are five things that’ll help get you moving in

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