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An In-Depth Look at Lower Back Pain from Driving a Forklift

Driving a forklift may seem like a simple job to those who’ve never done it. But, there is more than meets the eye required to safely and effectively operate a forklift. If a forklift operator is not careful, there is a risk that he or she may experience forklift back

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Forklift Blind Spot Safety Tips

Blind spots are called “blind” for a reason. There’s always a spot on a forklift driver’s radar that goes undetected, no matter how experienced the driver is. In perfect conditions, an alert driver can usually avoid blind spots, or at least minimize them so they’re not a major safety hazard.

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Forklift Lockout Tagout Procedures

Most of the time, forklift training concentrates on what to do when the lift is in motion. But it’s also critical to know about the equipment when it shouldn’t be used; namely, the lockout tagout procedure, which is a key component of safety for powered industrial trucks.  Lockout tagout (LOTO) is

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All About Forklift Seat Belt Safety

A typical warehouse forklift weighs an average of 9,000 lbs. and can be dangerous if left in the hands of an untrained operator without the right safety tools. There are roughly 85 forklift fatalities a year, and seat belts play an important role in preventing more from happening. If you

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How to Avoid a Forklift Tip Over

Forklift tip-overs are among the most common types of workplace forklift accidents. Mechanical issues and operator error are frequently to blame. These accidents can lead to serious injuries, fatalities, and damages to property and equipment.  As an employer, it’s important that your workers receive training to acquire the skills and

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