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Four Ways to Optimize your Warehouse for Forklift Efficiency

Is your warehouse up to speed, in terms of productivity and safety? Even the best-trained operators can fail in an unsafe environment. If you’re a supervisor, foreman or safety consultant and need some assistance in getting your (ware)house in order, here are five things that’ll help get you moving in

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New Line of Toyota Forklifts Offers Many Features

Toyota’s new line of 8-series forklifts have gained plenty of attention for their impressive performance and exceptional value. But these lifts are not just all about power – continuing with Toyota’s strong record of environmentally-friendly vehicles, the –series lifts feature outstanding fuel efficiency and less harmful emissions than other forklifts.

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Will All Forklifts be Automatically Controlled in the Near Future?

Is the brave new world of forklifts upon us? Are the days of human-controlled forklifts numbered? To put it in more purely economic terms, will there be any forklift jobs left once the robots take over? OK, let’s answer those three questions in order: sort of, not really and absolutely

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Top 5 Day-to-Day Responsibilities for Forklift Drivers

A good forklift driver isn’t much different from a good doctor. And a good doctor isn’t much different from a good baseball player. And a good baseball player isn’t much different…well, you get the idea. One of the attributes that links good workers across a variety of professional fields is

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5 Tips to Ensuring Rack Safety

  Forklift safety isn’t just about the forklift. It also isn’t just about the driver, although vehicle & operator are probably the two most important elements of solid safety practices. This blog will examine one of those variable factors that come into play on pretty much a daily basis for

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