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How to Choose the Right Forklift Mast

Forklifts are a vital piece of equipment for most warehouses. They allow workers to move products and materials in a timely manner. They also increase warehouse storage space in two ways. The ability to lift heavy loads allows products to be stacked high. Forklifts can also be safely navigated in

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Forklift Blind Spot Safety Tips

Blind spots are called “blind” for a reason. There’s always a spot on a forklift driver’s radar that goes undetected, no matter how experienced the driver is. In perfect conditions, an alert driver can usually avoid blind spots, or at least minimize them so they’re not a major safety hazard.

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What Are the Seven Forklift Classes?

The U.S. Industrial Truck Association (ITA) has established 7 different types of forklift. Forklift classes help operators understand which type of lift is most appropriate for the task at hand. Knowing what engine a lift has, whether it can be used on rough terrain, and if an operator can ride

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