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What Causes a Forklift Accident?

Questions persist about what are the main causes of injuries when using forklifts. Regardless, businesses must do their part to guard against forklift accidents that can lead to injuries. Failure to do so can result in serious physical harm to workers and bystanders. It can contribute to brand reputation damage

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Warehouse Safety Tips for Holiday Workers

The holidays are usually associated with warmth, good times, and cheer. But they’re also a time to exercise extra vigilance, especially concerning forklift operation at warehouses, construction sites, and other work areas. The best way for workers and employers to reduce accidents that lead to injuries and fatalities on worksites

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Holiday Accident Statistics You Should Know About

Staying safe during the busiest season of the year can be a challenge. Retail businesses are notoriously busy during the holidays with the huge influx of customers. In addition to the high traffic volume, inexperienced seasonal workers can definitely increase the chances of an accident. In the rush to meet

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