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Who is
the Trainer
Certification for:

This program is for both new employees and those who have been working here for a while. If you use our trusted online certification program, you can add even more safety to your workplace. All you have to do is finish the Qualified Trainer/Evaluator Certification.

If your company already teaches its employees how to use forklifts, the next step is to make sure your best team member becomes a certified trainer and evaluator. They’ll learn even more about how to use forklifts safely, follow OSHA rules, and spot potential dangers.

Who can be a
Designated and Qualified

These roles benefit from a forklift trainer certification:

Shop Foreman


Warehouse Manager

Branch Manager

Safety Officer

Owner of the Company

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Train The Trainer

When it comes to forklift training, just taking an online course isn’t enough. To be completely certified to operate a forklift, students must also have an in-person evaluation with a certified trainer approved by OSHA. Online lessons alone won’t do the trick.

The good news is that our Train the Trainer Forklift Certification Kit allows you to thoroughly train and certify a member of your team to become an OSHA-approved trainer. After your team member successfully finishes our online trainer forklift certification course, they can conduct on-site evaluations for your other team members, helping them officially get certified for forklift operation.

What’s even better? If you partner with us at, you can save money by purchasing both our Train the Trainer Kit and our original Employee Training Kit together at a discounted rate using our bundle and save option. You can find out more about how our kits can make it easier for your whole team to become certified below.

Train the Trainer Forklift Certification Overview

When one of your employees seeks a train the trainer forklift certification, it’s a huge advantage to your team. It’s also a good personal decision, as recent statistics indicate that forklift-certified workers earn, on average, $3.55 more per hour than non-certified workers. Once your employee is certified to operate forklifts, and has gained some experience, they may be interested in becoming a certified forklift trainer, which could open up even more doors for them and your company.


Our train the trainer program provides your employee with the educational materials they need to succeed in evaluating and correcting others. Our course was designed based on over 20 years of hands-on experience from our forklift experts, so you don’t have to worry about getting a generic or broad overview. You’ll get an in-depth, effective kit with the necessary tools to equip your trainers.


Check out our forklift training blog for free forklift information and advice. 


OSHA Train the Trainer Forklift Certification

Per OSHA’s forklift safety standards, your employees will not be considered fully certified until they’ve been formally educated and submitted to an in-person evaluation by a certified trainer.


OSHA’s regulations do not necessarily specify how forklift trainers should obtain their train the trainer forklift certifications to become a trainer. OSHA’s rules and regulations outline that trainers must have sufficient “knowledge, training, and experience” to train others.


Proving that your employee has this experience can be a challenge if this experience has come from in-house training and various jobs. While submitting to a “train the trainer” course isn’t a legal requirement, it can help your employees prove that they’re remaining compliant with OSHA standards by receiving a forklift train the trainer certification that serves as evidence of training.


Certificate Duration: How Long Does Train the Trainer Forklift Certification Last?

A forklift operator certification is effective and valid for up to three years. After that time, OSHA expects operators to seek out a forklift license renewal to ensure that their training is up-to-date. Under some circumstances, operators may need to seek renewal or take another course before that three-year period. These circumstances include:

  • If the forklift operator will work under new conditions (rough terrain, a new type of forklift, etc

  • If the forklift operator has been in an accident or a near-miss

  • If the forklift operator has taken an extended break from operating forklifts

To recertify, the employee must undergo another evaluation from a trainer.

When it comes to your train the trainer forklift certification, it’s essential to know that OSHA’s standards do not require that you operate a forklift regularly as part of your job description to remain a certified trainer. So long as you have the experience necessary to train and evaluate others, your training will stay valid. That being said, it’s still wise to keep up to date with the latest safety regulations, so it might be in your best interests to take a refresher course every few years.

Forklift Train the Trainer Kit

Our forklift train the trainer kit provides you with all the educational resources you’ll need to ensure your employee is equipped to evaluate other employees to ensure they’re following all the proper safety measures when operating a forklift.


After going through our online material, your employee will be provided with a train the trainer forklift certification that can serve as proof of training during an OSHA audit.


Free forklift training is available in some areas, and your team can use this as supplemental educational material. You shouldn’t, however, rely entirely on these free training tools, as they’re rarely OSHA-approved. They also won’t help you obtain a certification.


Train the Trainer (FAQs)

Do you have more questions about forklift certifications, training your trainers, or OSHA’s standards? Check out our general forklift FAQs and get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about training forklift evaluators below.

What are the Categories of Forklift Instructors?

There are four general categories of forklift instructors including:

  • Registered instructor

  • Operator training organization accredited

  • Instructor and operator training organization accredited

  • Registered tutor

The forklift school you choose to work with should have course materials created by registered instructors.

What Should You Expect in Forklift Training?

Forklift training requirements mandate that operators learn how to safely use forklifts, the most common hazards to be aware of, and more about operating the machine itself. Throughout training, you can expect to learn more about forklift operations, how to deposit loads, how to steer and drive the machine, the best way to navigate, and more. During the evaluation, your trainer will see if you can navigate your forklift, use it correctly, and safely perform work-related duties.

The forklift train the trainer course is more in-depth in describing common mistakes forklift operators make, how to spot safety hazards, and how to evaluate operators to ensure everything is safe.

What is an FLT Instructor?

An FLT instructor, or forklift trainer, explains to employees how to use these machines safely and efficiently. Our train the trainer kit helps prepare your employee to become an evaluator.

What are the Duties of a Forklift Instructor?

A forklift train the trainer is expected to be vigilant when performing evaluations. They need to ensure that the employees have received a formal education. Instructors, who create the educational material, are responsible for developing and presenting training courses that fully and sufficiently explain forklift safety standards and operations. These instructors are also responsible for creating operator assessments showing the employee understands the course material.

Then, during the forklift certification test, evaluators are responsible for identifying any mistakes made by forklift operators and correcting them. They will also need to use their discernment to judge whether that employee should be certified and approved to operate forklifts.


Try the program 100% risk – free for an entire year. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with every aspect of the program, simply return it within 1 year for a prompt, no-questions 100% refund.

Get the Online Forklift Trainer Certification + FREE updates


Are You Interested in Having a Certified Trainer on Your Team?

Have you searched online for “forklift training near me” programs? Are you attempting to certify your team efficiently and on a budget?

If so, we recommend considering both our train the trainer forklift certification kit and our general employee forklift certification kit. Together, these units can help you ensure you remain OSHA compliant and your team members operate forklifts as safely as possible.

Continue checking out our website for more information about our programs or contact us if you’re ready to get started today.

The Forklift Trainer Certification Program includes:

OSHA Requirements Made Simple:We turn stacks of complicated legal terminology into easy – to – understand language, so you avoid confusion and embarrassment. Makes it easy to stay compliant.

OSHA Compliant Certification: You’ll have all the documentation OSHA requires, available immediately upon course completion.

FREE OSHA Updates: We’ll notify you anytime OSHA releases new information that might affect your company’s compliance. You’ll always stay current without having to do any research.

Get the Online Forklift trainer Certification + FREE updates


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