The Easiest Path for Forklift License Renewals

Forklift certifications renewal

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires all forklift operators to be certified before they begin work. Operators are also required to pursue forklift license renewal every three years. While the recertification process might sound like a headache, simplifies it for our users. Fail to meet OSHA’s recertification policies and your organization may be heavily fined. Make renewal a priority with help from FLC!

How Forklift License Renewal Works

Forklift operators must go through the forklift license renewal process every three years. Let your license lapse and OSHA may levy expensive fines and penalties against your organization. Forklift certification renewal is also required following a workplace accident. Recertification helps remind employees of safety policies and best practices, reducing the risk of additional accidents. Here are the steps to take to renew your license with FLC.

Steps to Take for Forklift Certification Renewal

Learning how to renew your forklift certification is simple. Our convenient, two-step process makes it easier than ever to get in compliance with OSHA regulations. Essentially, you’ll need to complete an online training module and then pass a hands-on operating evaluation. Then you’ll be ready to get back to your forklift operation duties.

Part 1: Online Forklift License Renewal makes forklift certification renewal fast and easy. Just log into your account on FLC’s website and access the forklift recertification training using a digital device anywhere there’s an internet connection. Once you’ve finished the online training process, you’ll also receive all the paperwork you’ll need to complete your hands-on evaluation. Just like initial forklift training, the evaluation is in-person and led by a trained operator.

Part 2: The Renewal Practical Evaluation

Forklift certification renewal training needs to be completed through a qualified forklift trainer who is thoroughly familiar with the proper operating procedures and OSHA safety standards. The trainer is responsible for determining an operator’s ability to safely operate a forklift. He or she will ultimately determine if the student passes or fails the recertification training. The best way to get your operators recertified is to have them trained and tested by a qualified person within your company. That’s where comes into the picture. After three years, many operators and employers ask, how do you renew your forklift license or how long is a forklift certification good for?

FLC has your three-year renewal training ready to go – it’s included with your purchase!

Benefits of Using FLC for Forklift License Renewal Online

OSHA is constantly on the watch for expiring forklift operator certifications. If they find that a single operator is working with an expired certification, they may fine your organization thousands of dollars. Thankfully, FLC has designed forklift certification renewal training to be easy, fast, and convenient. Some of the benefits include:

  • Save thousands of dollars by being able to use the same great training program for free renewals over and over again
  • Avoid fines from OSHA and stay on their good side
  • Keep the workplace safe by preventing accidents before they happen
  • Help increase your business’s bottom line by maintaining workplace productivity

When you opt to work with FLC for renewal training, you can rest easy knowing employees will be certified again in no time. Our efficient online training ensures that workers need not travel to expensive, third-party facilities for recertification. Instead, workers can complete renewal training online at any time or place that’s convenient. Upon completion of training, they can download and print their renewal certifications immediately.

Forklift Certification Renewal FAQs

Still have questions about how to renew your forklift certification? We’ve got you covered with our handy FAQ section!

Where Can I Get My Forklift Certification?

People often ask us: where can I get my forklift certification? You’ve come to the right place – FLC offers comprehensive certification opportunities for new and experienced operators alike. After receiving your license with FLC, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of free renewal training with us. That adds up to significant savings over the course of a career. This is one of the many benefits that come with training with FLC.

Where Can I Renew My Forklift License?

There are a number of ways to renew your forklift license, but FLC offers the easiest option around. Our convenient online courses allow you to quickly refresh your skills and ensure you’re in compliance with OSHA regulations. In a single afternoon, you can get up to speed and be ready to legally operate forklifts once again. Easy forklift certification renewal is our specialty.

Is it Really Necessary to Get Forklift Renewal License Online?

It doesn’t really matter whether you prefer to renew your license online or do so in person. The important thing is that you don’t let your certification lapse. Forklift accidents happen all the time, and without refresher training every three years, you may be more likely to find yourself injured on the job. Your employer may also face expensive penalties if operators are not in compliance with OSHA regulations. OSHA forklift certification renewal benefits everyone!

What Happens During a Forklift License Renewal Course?

A forklift certification renewal course is run in a similar fashion to a traditional forklift training class. In order to enroll in a renewal course, forklift operators must already hold certification. They can then use the course to get a refresher on a wide range of forklift safety topics. With FLC, forklift operators can get a new license upon successful completion of a renewal course. This license will remain valid for up to three years.

What’s Covered in Forklift Certification Training?

If you’re considering getting certified or weighing where to renew your forklift license, FLC is a great option. Our training covers all seven forklift classifications and provides top-notch instruction. Plus, the online format means you’ll have all the paperwork for employee HR files – no more waiting around for operator certificates to arrive in the mail. will provide both initial forklift training to certify your employees, as well as renewal training when your forklift license expiration date approaches. From the outset, we’re the only OSHA-compliant training source you need. We’ll help all of your employees receive the forklift certification renewals they need to quickly and efficiently operate your entire forklift fleet! All of our training is done in-house, so you don’t have to attend costly off-site training sessions!

How Long Does Forklift Certification Last?

We’re often asked: how long does forklift certification last, anyway? Forklift certification expiration happens every three years. Of course, there are certain instances where you may need to recertify before the three year mark. If any of the following occur within the three-year time period, your workers will need to be retrained and recertified sooner than three years:

  • The type of forklift equipment being used has changed
  • There has been some sort of workplace accident involving a forklift
  • Your forklifts have new accessories or components that require training.
  • An operator has been observed practicing incorrect or unsafe forklift operating procedures
  • Whenever a forklift operator changes jobs, he or she will need to be retrained, except when a previous employer is willing to pass along the employee’s certification information to the new employer

Each of these incidents can impact workplace safety unless operators are properly retrained to operate a new type of forklift, or if they are clearly operating a forklift incorrectly.

Do Forklift Certifications Expire?

Yes, forklift certification expiration occurs three years after initial training. Thankfully, FLC offers free lifetime renewal opportunities for our trainees.

Don’t Let Forklift Certification Expiration Cost Your Business

Failing to recertify forklift operators can attract negative attention from OSHA. The organization frequently penalizes companies that neglect their training and recertification obligations. Don’t let forklift certification expiration lead to expensive fines or workplace accidents. Make recertification a priority with FLC.

Our convenient online classes are available 24/7, allowing employees to train on their own time and at their own pace. By signing up with FLC now, you’ll take the first step towards OSHA compliance. If you still have questions about the forklift certification process, our team of experts is happy to answer questions and shed light on your options. Click here or dial (888) 278-8896 to get in touch.