Forklift Training Materials: Employee Training Kit


Forklift certification is a legal requirement. But why spend a lot of time researching and creating your own forklift training program? Why pay a lot of money for expensive consultations and lose a day’s wages attending off-site training?

Use our affordable on-site forklift training, evaluation and certification program.

It allows your forklift operators to get completely trained, certified, and OSHA compliant in-house quickly and easily at a huge savings with no fees per operator.

A small, one-time investment includes all necessary training materials, powerpoint presentation, certificates and wallet cards for proof of compliance (details below).

a manual for a forklift operator.
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Order now and you’ll also get the entire program on a USB flash drive at no extra cost. Take it anywhere. Nothing to download. Unlimited printing.


Try the program 100% risk-free for an entire year. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with every aspect of the program, simply return it within 1 year for a prompt, no-questions 100% refund.

Here’s What You Get with FLC’s Affordable Forklift Training & Certification Kit

Our affordable forklift training kit takes you through the necessary fundamentals about operating a powered industrial truck competently, safely and according to OSHA standards. You’ll receive

Specialized Curriculum for All Forklift Classifications

Warehouse Forklifts (electric, gas/diesel, and lpg) Class 1, 4, & 5


Order Pickers and Pallet Jacks (high lift straddle, side loaders, stock pickers) Class 2 & 3


Rough Terrain (straight mast and telescopic) Class 7

Written Step-By-Step Guides

Separate guides for your trainer and your operators that walk them through their roles and tasks

Easy To Use Printable Templates

Certificates of Completion

Operator Cards

Student Hand Outs

Hands On Evaluation Checklist and Guide

Equipment Inspection Checklists

Operator Safety Documents

Explains operator personal responsibility for safety

Holds operator accountable for unsafe acts

Provides safety guidelines for forklift operations in your facility

Don’t waste your important time trying to create this program yourself (or wondering if it follows OSHA rules). Don’t spend too much money on consultants or training away from your workplace.

FLC’s Forklift Training and Certification Kit has everything you need for fast, simple, and budget-friendly training and certification for all your forklift operators.

Get the








USB Drive

ONLY $399

Why Choose Us?

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We’ve been the most trusted online resource for OSHA forklift certification and training since 2002

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Our Forklift Trainer online course was NOT written by men in suits. It’s based on over 20 years of hands – on experience in the field.

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Our online Trainers Training course includes important material not covered by other forklift courses we’ve attended in a live classroom setting.

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Developed, improved and updated over the last 15 years. Plus, we keep YOU current by providing you with FREE OSHA updates related to your Train the Trainer certification. You’ll never be without the latest



If you’re the boss in a warehouse, construction site, or on the road, you understand that your forklift drivers must get OSHA-approved training and certification. But do you know what could happen if you don’t follow these rules? The results of an accident caused by insufficient training can include:

Personal injury or death (about 100,000 injuries and dozens of deaths are reported each year)

Untold financial loss due to related law suits and legal fees

Damage to expensive industrial equipment

Costs to replace damaged merchandise

Damage to buildings and facilities, shelving, other vehicles, ramps, propane systems, electrical systems and more

Tripling or quadrupling of insurance premiums

OSHA fines as high as $70,000.00

Just one accident could cost hundreds or even millions of dollars. For only $299, you can have’s forklift training kit. It has everything you need to train your employees on forklift operation and potentially save millions of dollars.

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