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How to Operate a Forklift

How to Operate a Forklift

Have you ever daydreamed about what it would be like to operate a forklift? Do you long to get out from behind a desk for an exciting and rewarding career that’s always changing? If so, it sounds as if enrolling in training to learn how to operate a forklift is right for you! Skilled forklift operators are in high demand in virtually every city across the country, so it seems safe to say it won’t be hard to find a forklift operator job you love in a place you’d like to live.

In this article, we’ll cover the steps involved in learning how to operate a forklift safely and properly. We’ll also explain why you need certified forklift training to become a forklift operator armed with credentials that will impress prospective employers and make you stand out from other applicants. – Your Best Choice for OSHA-Compliant Forklift Operator Training!

Whether you’re an employer who needs to have his or her operators certified to comply with OSHA regulations or a forklift operator wanting to advance your career by learning how to operate a forklift truck, we’re the only training source you need. Our training classes and other operator certification tools and resources have been custom designed by industry professionals tailor-made to meet your needs.

According to OSHA guideline 29 CFR 1910.78 (1) (1)  all forklift operators, including full-time, part-time or contract workers learn. how to operate a forklift safely by completing forklift operator training. Can you get forklift certified online? The answer is yes! Here’s an overview of  FLC’s three online forklift operator training programs :

✓ Forklift Training & Certification Kit

Our versatile and affordable OSHA-approved training is the most comprehensive class you’ll find anywhere. It’s jam-packed with useful safety tips and OSHA compliant training content for a well-rounded skill set. In as little as an hour, your workers will learn everything they need to know about safely operating forklifts. The Kit includes everything you’ll need to train and certify all your operators for just $299. It’s the only training class you’ll ever need!

✓ Train the Trainer Program

This forklift operator license program will give your company a certified training expert that’s always available! Through our Train the Trainer class, one of your employees becomes an in-house OSHA expert! It’s ideal for companies that have a forklift training program in place but need a trainer to evaluate and certify their unlicensed forklift drivers. The cost of training a Forklift Safety Expert is only $149.

✓ Bundle Package

If you can’t decide between our two forklift operator license programs, no worries. The Bundle Package combines both our Train a Trainer and Training Kit classes into a value-added package priced at just $399, which makes them even more affordable! There’s no other OSHA training resource around that offers such a terrific value! provides everything you need to know to become a certified forklift driver.

The Basics of Operating a Forklift and the Importance of Forklift Operator Training

Today’s forklifts are much different than those of a few decades ago since life today calls for more versatility and projects that are more challenging. This means that operators need even more specialized training to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to avoid hazards and prevent accidents. Costly OSHA fines and increasingly stricter safety requirements mean you simply can’t afford to be without forklift operator certification training.

Steps to Operating a Forklift Safely

Knowing how to properly operate a forklift consists of three main components. This is to ensure the equipment is safe to drive, the operator knows how to operate a forklift safely and how to safely handle loading, moving and unloading cargo. FLC’s forklift operator certification training programs cover each of these in detail.

Here’s a summary of the course content:

✓ Pre-Operation Check-Ups and Inspections

Start by making sure you’re wearing the right clothing, including a hard hat, gloves, hard-soled shoes, and a visibility vest.

It’s never safe to operate a forklift with defects such as missing or damaged parts, low fluid levels or underinflated tires. Additional items to look for and inspect before each operation include:

Leaks, cracks, or other visible defects

 Condition of the fork

 Checking the brakes

 Making sure all required safety devices are on board, as well as a copy of the operator’s manual

 Verifying all controls are working properly, including instruments, warning signals, and lights

✓ Traveling and Maneuvering

✓ Follow these procedures to drive a forklift safely:

✓ Be sure hands and shoes are grease-free when getting on or off the forklift

✓ Park and refuel only in authorized areas

✓ Always brake and stop slowly

✓ Only drive at a speed that will allow you to stop easily

✓ Always keep a clear view of your surroundings

✓ Leave plenty of room for pedestrians – use horn or lights to warn them  when reversing, and never assume they see you

✓ Load Handling

Forklifts are designed for picking up, stacking, moving and unstacking loads and pallets, which makes it essential that operators learn how to handle loads correctly and prevent forklift tip-overs.

Here’s some of what’s covered in FLC’s forklift operator training:

✓ Note the size and shape of the load and the size of the forks

✓ Always load slowly and carefully

✓ Center the load between the forks and never overload the lift

✓ Always make sure the load is stable and balanced

✓ Place the forks as far under the centered load as possible

✓ Tilt the mast back slightly to stabilize the load

✓ Forklift Maintenance

Maintenance is also an important component of safe forklift operation. Operators need to inspect forklifts daily at the beginning of each shift and before every use. This is to ensure there are no hazards or equipment problems that could cause an accident. FLC’s forklift operator training covers the importance of a good forklift maintenance and repair program in detail.

Operating Different Type of Forklifts

Our certification training covers various types of forklifts, including the following:

Stand Up Forklifts

Sometimes called “stand-ons”, these are used when drivers need to frequently get on and off the lift. They’re more maneuverable and need less operating space than sit-down forklifts.

Sit Down Forklifts

Sit downs move at faster speeds, and generally have a faster lift and lower speeds, which increases productivity. They’re also more comfortable and safer to use on slippery surfaces.

Cherry Pickers

Also called boom lifts, man lifts or order pickers, cherry pickers are hydraulic cranes with railed platforms used to raise and lower workers to stock or retrieve inventory. They’re also found on construction sites and in warehouses, where they’re used to install and repair overhead lighting and HVAC systems.

Reach Forklifts

These are right-angle stacking trucks used to handle loads in narrow aisles. They’re often used to load and retrieve pallets from storage racks.

Who Can Operate a Forklift and Why Forklift Operator Certification is Required

To help prevent workplace accidents and injuries, OSHA regulations state that only properly trained and certified workers can operate forklifts. When you’re looking for a training course, be sure it covers each of the following topics:

✓ Basic forklift operating and maneuvering techniques

✓ Warehouse-specific operating systems

✓ Instruction that gives operators a good understanding of how forklifts work

✓ Operating forklifts under various workplace conditions

OSHA-compliant forklift operator training can include formal instruction delivered by text, video, or interactive computer learning, so long as it’s conducted by a qualified trainer. In addition to a written exam, students must also pass a “hands-on” operating evaluation while being observed by a qualified trainer.

You’ll get all of this and more when you choose for forklift operator license instruction!

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