Forklift Safety

A forklift operator in a warehouse.

Safety is everything in the workplace. That’s why OSHA exists. Without proper training and certification, forklift accidents would happen much more often.

However, employers must provide this forklift safety training for their workers. And that’s why exists. FLC puts YOU in charge of your forklift safety and OSHA compliance thanks to our affordable, accessible training courses.

We have a Trainer Certification class for just $149, a money-saving Employee Training Kit for $299, and our popular Bundle Package, which includes both courses for only $399.

Forklift safety is your responsibility. And FLC has the forklift safety training to protect you from expensive OSHA fines. From our forklift training blog to stand-up forklift training and more, FLC is the only OSHA forklift safety training you need!

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Understanding Forklift Safety

The main OSHA standard that oversees forklift safety is standard 1910.178. This standard defines certain forklift classes, training standards, and much more. While other training standards exist in OSHA, 1910.178 is the top-level legislation you must know.

Well, you don’t need to know it like we do! Our experts design our forklift safety and OSHA compliance classes around different guidelines to give you easy, affordable instruction.

It’s important to have proper forklift safety principles and practices in place. FLC shows you how to do this without learning OSHA standards from scratch. Thanks to helpful forklift safety tips and other critical information, we take care of the details.

That’s why our forklift certification test and FLC’s forklift school are so popular – we simplify forklift safety and OSHA compliance so anyone can understand!

Forklift Safety Training

OSHA forklift safety training is the most critical factor for your company’s safety. Our forklift safety training also ensures you comply with the latest OSHA regulations.

Typical topics covered in our comprehensive forklift safety and OSHA compliance include:

  • Safe methods to run forklifts
  • Proper maintenance
  • Importance of load management
  • Safe traveling speeds
  • Pedestrian safety
  • And plenty more

When you partner with FLC for your training provider, you have the peace of mind that comes with having an industry expert in your corner. We’ll guide you through all the forklift training requirements you need to know. Whether you require online trainer forklift certification or other training, FLC has what you need!

10 Rules for Forklift Safety

Here are 10 rules for forklift safety you need to know:

  1. Never exceed maximum load capacity.
  2. Conduct regular maintenance on your forklifts.
  3. Be aware of blind spots, and take measures to identify them.
  4. Take precautions wherever pedestrian traffic exists.
  5. Always travel within the manufacturer’s recommended speed.
  6. Never use a forklift to lift another person or machinery.
  7. Utilize cones, signs, and other markers to route foot traffic safely.
  8. Use a spotter when required.
  9. Understand how forklift tip-overs happen.
  10. If you have questions about safety, always ask your manager!

Forklift safety is essential; here’s #11: Never run a powered industrial truck without a forklift safety certification!

Forklift Rules and Regulations

To list the OSHA regulations covering forklift operations, we’d need a whole other website. Thankfully, the OSHA Powered Industrial Trucks – Forklifts portal has great information.

Here, you’ll find a summary of the necessary certifications and qualifications for forklift operators. And you can always check the “gold standard” of forklift training, the1910.178 guideline.

This guideline is helpful forTowmotor certification, learning about online trainer forklift certification, and much more!

You can easily research fork lift rules and regulations using FLC’s training and OSHA’s resources.

Forklift Safety FAQs

Here are some helpful forklift FAQs to review:

What are the 5 safety rules for forklifts?

  • Keep extremities inside the vehicle at all times
  • Always put forks down when in motion.
  • Never use the forklift to move other lifts.
  • Never pass a forklift.
  • Be aware of blind spots, intersections, or other potentially hazardous areas.

What is required for forklift safety?

Visibility and keeping a safe distance from vehicles and people are key. Plus, using the handhold when getting on the lift would be best.

What are the main hazards of a forklift?

Some common hazards include unsafe use due to lack of training, overloading the lift, slippery floor conditions, blind spots, refueling, pedestrian traffic, overhead obstructions, and more.

What is the halo rule for forklifts?

Always stay three feet away from forklifts. This distance gives you enough “safety halo” for danger and warning zones. Anything within three feet of a forklift is considered in the danger zone.

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FLC: The Best Choice for Total Forklift Safety

It’s clear by now that you need forklift safety instructions. And if you have gaps in your training and compliance, FLC can get you on track today. Please register for our forklift safety training today. We’ll help with initial training, renewal license renewals, and more. Thanks for considering FLC as your preferred training provider!

Thanks again for making FLC the best place to receive quality, complete OSHA forklift safety training and learn more about OSHA forklift safety rules. With our courses, your business will be experts in all of the most important forklift safety tips workplace.