Everything You Need to Know About Forklift School

Forklift SchoolOSHA requires every employer that uses forklifts to provide training and certification for their workers. While some companies go to an actual forklift certification school or training center,ForkliftCertification.com is the flexible, affordable forklift training school that brings OSHA-compliant instruction right to your address!

You need to get training for your workers, and our forklift school training is an outstanding option. With our affordable classes, you can get your entire fleet trained quickly. Our courses include:

FLC is the forklift operator school that provides convenient USB flash drives with all the material included!

The Benefits of Forklift School

The great thing about our forklift training school is that FLC was founded by people with “insider’s knowledge” of how OSHA works. Our founder has dealt with OSHA for decades, and is considered a first-rate certified instructor for all key safety guidelines.

We know what your company needs in a forklift operator school. FLC cuts through the clutter and gives your workers what they need to know.

Other forklift training schools can’t offer the comprehensive training and affordable prices that FLC provides. Plus, we’re keenly aware of OSHA’s forklift training requirements, and what your company needs to become fully compliant!

We’re always asked, where can I find forklift training near me? With FLC, the answer is simple – register your company and you’re on the way to total compliance with our forklift operator school.

Hands-On Forklift Training Near Me

FLC’s hands-on approach with our forklift training school ensures you’re always in the loop about OSHA requirements. And thanks to our responsive customer service, we’re always available to answer your questions, including “Where can I find hands-on forklift training near me?”

From stand-up forklift training to our informative forklift training blog, FLC gives you a full package of resources and information to help you avoid accidents and promote forklift safety.

While you might find so-called free forklift training available elsewhere, remember that FLC’s certification courses are affordable enough for any budget. And we give you all the benefits that come with a qualified training partner.

OSHA Forklift Certification Cost

Think about a brick-and-mortar forklift certification school. You have to get your employees there. The school is staffed by plenty of instructions, which drives up prices. Plus, the forklift training school might not always fit your schedule.

Those are some factors that increase OSHA forklift certification costs. But with FLC’s high-quality training programs at a fraction of the cost, you get the best of both worlds: the OSHA-compliant instruction you need, and the money-saving benefits of having USB flash drives and training content mailed directly to your company.

Need Towmotor certification? How about a forklift license renewal? The training experts and FLC give you this and much more! Plus, we’ll always work with you to ensure your schedule comes first instead of the other way around.

Is Online Forklift Certification Legit?

Some of the common misconceptions about online forklift certification are:

  • This can’t be legit. How can I get compliant at such a great price?
  • Don’t I have to attend an actual forklift operator school?
  • What if my company has an accident? Will my online certification protect me from liability?
  • And many more.

FLC takes all the proper measures to get your workers compliant. With our forklift school training, all your training bases are covered. We even have online forklift trainer certification, so you always have an on-site expert. You can even print out forklift licenses when your employees pass their online training and hands-on evaluation.

Is online forklift certification legit? With FLC, you bet!

FAQs on Forklift Training School

Here are some of forklift FAQs we get on our forklift certification school:

What is top pay for a forklift operator?

A forklift driver can make nearly $50,000. While low salaries start around $25,000, most are in the high $30,000 range. Remember, those salaries can increase with training from a forklift operator school!

What is the difference between a forklift driver and a forklift operator?

There’s no difference. Both terms refer to people who run powered industrial trucks anywhere forklifts are required – warehouses, distribution centers, factories, you name it. But before they can do these duties, they must have valid driver’s licenses and forklift training!

What is the professional name for a forklift driver?

Lift drivers are officially called Forklift Operators or Material Handlers.

What does OSHA call a forklift?

The OSHA term for forklifts is powered industrial trucks. Pallet jacks also fall under this category. Powered industrial trucks move and handle a large variety of cargo, materials, and general merchandise, typically with pallets and containers.

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Now that you know all the benefits of training your workers with FLC’s forklift certification school, it’s time to get them OSHA-compliant! Partner with FLC today, and we’ll show you how to get fully certified!

Don’t delay your training any longer. Sign up for our forklift training school today and begin your education right away. With so much to gain, why not kickstart your training as soon as possible? Still, have questions about our course offerings? Feel free to contact our team online or by phone at (888) 278-8896. Contact FLC today – we’re ready to help your company become safer – and fully OSHA compliant – today! Sign up with a forklift driving school that works for you!