Online Towmotor Certification Course

towmotor forklift training

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires all towmotor operators to be formally trained and certified before they begin using the equipment at work. Online towmotor certification classes from meet this standard. After completing our comprehensive course, employees will be ready to safely and effectively operate towmotor forklifts. If you’re hoping to avoid workplace accidents and expensive OSHA penalties for non-compliance, register with FLC today.

What is a Towmotor Forklift?

The original towmotor was the world’s first forklift. The innovative creation was called a towmotor, which was originally a kind of tractor that towed or pushed carts into, out of and around factories and warehouses that are still very much in use today They played an integral role in contributing to what makes the modern-day industry so efficient. The unique piece of equipment was invented in 1919 by Lester Sears in Cleveland, founder of the Towmotor® Corporation, and all manufactured forklifts soon became known simply as “towmotors”.

The Towmotor Corporation has come a long way since it created the first forklift in the early 20th century. The forklifts they build today continue to be tough and reliable pieces of industrial equipment, including their popular Buzz and Titan line. Towmotor line of various models of diesel and gas-powered forklifts, as well as counterbalanced trucks, include the following:

  •  Internal combustion counterbalanced trucks with pneumatic tires
  •  Power pallet trucks
  •  Stackers
  •  Order pickers
  •  Stacker/riders
  •  Tow tractors

OSHA’s Towmotor Certification Requirements

OSHA requires all forklift operators be formally trained and certified before the begin using these powerful machines. Studies have shown that towmotor certification is the best way to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. That’s why OSHA requires employers to provide forklift training opportunities for their workers. It is the duty of the employer to arrange for the successful completion of training and evaluation. These steps ensure that workers can safely and effectively operate their equipment.

FLC’s towmotor training was designed to meet OSHA’s precise specifications. When you register your employees for our training courses, you can rest easy knowing they’ll learn the very best and most up to date procedures for towmotor operation. We’ve trained thousands of operators nationwide. Our course covers topics including:

  • Safe operating speeds
  • How to ensure the safety of co-workers
  • Proper load handling techniques
  • The importance of seatbelts and other safety accessories
  • Forklift inspections & maintenance

Towmotor FAQs

Still have questions about towmotor training? We’ve got you covered. Here are the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions:

What is the Difference Between a Forklift and a Towmotor?

Towmotor is a brand name, but it’s also used to describe many of the most frequently used lifts around the workplace. If you’ve used a counterbalance lift, odds are good it was a towmotor. The name is used interchangeably to describe many different types of forklifts.

How Much Does Forklift Certification Cost?

Our towmotor certification courses start at $149. Check out our prices today!

Are Forklift Licenses Legally Required?

The police won’t arrest you for driving a forklift without a license. OSHA, however, will heavily penalize businesses that employ unlicensed operators. The agency frequently imposes fines totaling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars against companies that violate training requirements. Save your business time, money, and stress by getting operators certified with FLC!

Earn Your Towmotor Certification with FLC

If you employ towmotor operators, make FLC your choice for towmotor certification. Our fast, affordable, and straightforward training can be completed in about an hour’s time. All training materials are available 24/7, and are easily accessible from any device with an internet connection.

FLC offers same-day towmotor training and certification opportunities. After operators complete the training modules and pass their hands-on evaluation, their certification can be printed immediately. This means they’re ready to legally operate towmotors and a variety of other lifts, too. Renewal training – required by OSHA every three years – is included free.

Need more information about our towmotor certification opportunities? Our OSHA training experts can answer any questions you might have about our course offerings and how to meet federal safety standards. Give our team a call at (888) 278-8896 or reach out online.