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towmotor forklift training

Does your company have a forklift, pallet jacks, or other industrial equipment from Towmotor? If so, you need Our training courses cover all your Towmotor certification needs. FLC offers the following classes for Towmotor forklifts:

OSHA requires every employer with forklifts – including Towmotor lifts – to train and certify their workers. Without proper training, accidents are more likely. Plus, you can be fined by OSHA for safety violations.

Register today with FLC and ensure your Towmotor training is current!

Towmotor Certification Overview

It doesn’t matter what type of industry you’re in. Training is required for warehouses, distribution centers, and construction sites – if you have Towmotor lifts. And FLC’s online Towmotor certification is the fastest, most affordable path to OSHA compliance.

Our courses explain everything your operators need to know about safety, avoiding accidents, and the best way to run Towmotor equipment. With FLC’s Towmotor certification, your workplace won’t just become safer; it’ll become more efficient, too!

All your online Towmotor certification content is shipped to you on a USB flash drive, making it convenient and easily accessible by your employees. All our training material, Towmotor certification, and related safety articles on our forklift training blog prepare your workers to become the safest possible forklift operators.

FLC’s Towmotor certification is easy with our Employee Training Kit or Trainer Certification. Our courses are designed to account for any manufacturer, including Towmotor.

Towmotor Training

What is a Towmotor certification called, and how do you get it? Follow these steps to get Towmotor training:

  • Register: Make login info for your company and workers.
  • Choose your Towmotor forklift classes: – Our course catalog is where you’ll choose your Towmotor training.
  • Employees complete online classes: FLC’s Towmotor forklift classes are on USB flash drives, which we ship directly to your company. They can take the training whenever it fits their schedule.
  • Onsite skills evaluation: OK, can your workers properly run Towmotor forklifts? Here’s where you’ll find out. FLC includes checklists and other info to ensure they can safely operate your forklifts. The onsite skill evaluation is the most important step for forklift safety and Towmotor certification.
  • Print OSHA credentials: Print workers’ Towmotor licenses, and that’s it! Your workers now have their Towmotor forklift training. This Towmotor training documentation is important during any OSHA inspection or audit.

Our forklift training requirements are designed to include all you need for 100% Towmotor training. We recommend our Towmotor forklift classes to any free forklift training classes you might have seen.

Towmotor vs. Forklift: What are the Differences?

The key difference between Towmotor forklifts and other lifts is mostly in the name. Since Towmotor is one of the oldest and largest forklift companies, sometimes a regular, commonly used forklift is called a Towmotor.

Some of Towmotor’s most popular lifts include order pickers, stackers, and pallet jacks and trucks. But they’re also called “Towmotor forklifts” for the many people who use them!

The entire line of Towmotor products provides benefits for many uses. Their pallet jacks are great for warehouses, stores, and other places with merchandise stacked on pallets. Towmotor forklifts called “stackers” lift cargo onto shelves and other elevated spaces.

Towmotor Training Near Me

One of the most common questions we receive is, where can I get Towmotor training near me?” That’s the great thing about FLC! Whether you need a Towmotor forklift license renewal or online trainer forklift certification, we’ll get you compliant – wherever you happen to be!

With our convenient USB format for online Towmotor certification, you don’t have to go to a physical forklift school. Class is always in session at FLC!

Sign up for your Towmotor forklift certification test and training material with the leaders in Towmotor certification: FLC!

Online Towmotor Certification (FAQs)

Check out these forklift FAQs on Towmotor equipment:

Is a Towmotor the same as a forklift?

While the original Towmotor no longer exists, the term “Towmotor” is a general term that refers to forklifts, pallet jacks, and equipment used to move cargo.

What is another name for a tow motor?

Another name for Towmotor is “forklift.” They’re the same thing. Both are IC-powered electric trucks used to move cargo and merchandise.

Why do people call a forklift a Towmotor?

Towmotor has been around for a long time. The original Towmotor was an industrial tractor that moved carts in warehouses and factories.

Who makes Towmotor forklifts?

In 1965, the Towmotor name became a subsidiary of the Caterpillar Tractor Company. Six years later, Towmotor manufacturing was relocated to Mentor, Ohio. Shortly after, Towmotor forklifts were rebranded as Caterpillar.

Don’t Delay Your Online Towmotor Certification Any Longer!

Without your forklift certification test for Towmotor lifts, your company can be penalized and fined by OSHA. It’s against the law to have anyone operate a Towmotor without training. FLC provides a fast, affordable solution for your Towmotor certification needs, includingstandup forklift training certification.

Clients all over the United States choose FLC for their Towmotor training. We pride ourselves on thorough, complete OSHA compliance. Register today, and we’ll make sure your company is 100% OSHA-compliant!