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Towmotor Forklift Certification

Forklifts today are common pieces of equipment we rely on for many different types of work. They are integral components of what makes modern day industries so efficient and expandable. And the invention that started it all? The Towmotor. You can become a part of this iconic brand’s legacy when you complete a Towmotor certification. offers OSHA compliant training for every type of forklift brand, including Towmotor. If your operators need a Tow motor license, you’ve come to the right place!

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What is a Towmotor?

towmotor forklift training

Towmotor is a brand of forklift that started in the early 20th century. In Cleveland, Ohio in 1919, Lester Sears founded the Towmotor company and created the very first forklift. Because it was such a new and inventive creation, consumers referred to all manufactured forklifts simply as “towmotors” at the time.
Today, Towmotor makes the popular Buzz and Titan models, which include:

• Pallet jacks
• Stackers
• Two models of tractors.

If you need Tow motor license, training, and certification, look no further than We have three training packages for anyone that required to drive Towmotor forklifts. Sign up today and get the training you need to be successful with one of the most popular brands of powered industrial trucks available today: Towmotor forklifts!

What Are Towmotors Used for?

Towmotor manufactures both diesel and gas-powered forklifts designed for handling cargo and other materials inside warehouses and factories. Counter-balanced warehouse forklifts are used for all types of material handling tasks in many different settings, from retail warehouses to computer manufacturing facilities. Get your Tow motor license with us today and sign up for our Tow motor certification classes!

Jobs Available for Those with Towmotor Certification

Towmotor forklifts are mostly used inside warehouses and stockyards, working with stacked inventory and transporting loads. With Tow motor training, your employees are ready to handle the demands of using this forklift in any situation!

Those who have completed their Towmotor certification can qualify for these positions:

• Warehouse Worker/Manager

• Forklift Warehouse Operator

• Forklift Mechanic

• Dock Worker

• And even fun positions like special events employee and brewery worker!

Some of the great companies that hire Towmotor warehouse forklift operators are:

• Americold

• Coca-Cola

• Sysco

• Randstad US

• Nestle

• And many more!

Do I Need Towmotor Certification?

Forklift training has been found to be the number one most effective way of preventing accidents and keeping workers safe. Therefore, is a Towmotor license and certification necessary? The short answer is yes.

OSHA governs workplace safety and training for employees. According to their standard 1910.178 for Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts), all employers must ensure that operators are able to operate forklifts safely, after the successful completion of training and evaluation.

Whether your operators need an initial Towmotor license or renewal Towmotor training, we have everything you need for OSHA compliance!

With our Towmotor license and certification training, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: better job prospects for the employee and the peace of mind and OSHA complaint for the employer.

Get Easy & Affordable Towmotor Certification from FLC

If you’re wondering where to get Towmotor certification and how much it costs, you’ve come to the right place. is the most comprehensive and affordable online platform for forklift training. Our Training Kit teaches all the main classes of forklifts, including the types Towmotor manufactures and provides same-day certifications.

Employers can create an account in minutes, and trainees can complete the online modules in only about one hour from any device with an internet connection. And license renewals are always free!

Additionally, you can enjoy these benefits when you choose for Towmotor certification:

• Learn about Towmotor forklifts anywhere, anytime

• Get an OSHA compliant Tow motor license in no time at all

• Access the Tow motor training from any device with an internet connection

• Skip the travel and traffic to an offsite facility by choosing our online program for Tow motor training

• Qualify for higher paying jobs anywhere in the US with an Towmotor certification

• Complete the training course is as little as one hour!

• Print your operator certificate immediately after completion

• Receive three-year renewals for free, for life!


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