Affordable Alternatives to Free Forklift Certifications

free forklift certification training

Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires forklift operators to be formally trained and certified before they begin work. This often leads employers to search for free forklift certification classes for their workers. While there are plenty of helpful training resources available online, most forklift certification programs charge at least a nominal fee. A forklift training class is an excellent investment, so it’s worth shelling out a little money to train employees the right way. OSHA-compliant courses offered by are the best way to train new operators and set them up for a long, safe, and successful career.

The Limitations of Free Forklift Certification Opportunities

It’s important that forklift operators feel knowledgeable, competent, and confident behind the wheel of their lifts. Forklift training can help instill that confidence. Too often, though, free forklift certification opportunities are surface-level. They rarely meet OSHA standards and don’t formally certify workers the way they need to be to meet federal regulations.

Rather than skimp on training costs, finding an affordable forklift training course is a great way to fulfill OSHA requirements while saving money. FLC offers fantastic value. Our forklift training is comprehensive, convenient, and quick – workers can get trained in a matter of hours. It’s easy to waste time on surface-level training that’s technically free but may cost you in the long run. Do the smart thing and invest in quality training from the start. You’ll see your training costs pay off in spades.

The Impact of OSHA on Free Forklift Training Near Me

Your hunt for free forklift training near me may not get many results. That’s because OSHA requires thorough training for all forklift operators in the United States. One look at the official OSHA website will give you insight into why free certification opportunities are so limited. Right away, you will learn that one-quarter of all forklift-related deaths are caused by overturning forklifts, which is the leading cause of fatalities. That’s an easy enough concept to grasp. However, the rest of the website is not novice-friendly. Unless you are looking for free forklift certification material so that you can be a compliance officer, you may want to look for simpler free online forklift training resources.

If you’re a worker wanting to become a forklift operator, ask your boss about getting you the training you need to get certified. According to OSHA, it’s their responsibility to provide training for you and to ensure that you are certified and confident to drive forklifts. They should provide it for you at no charge and provide you with a Trainer to lead the skills evaluation on a forklift. Once this is complete, you can print your operator license card, if you choose FLC.

Whether you’re an operator or an employer, check out FLC’s page on OSHA forklift training for an easy to follow guide on what you need to know to learn how to drive a forklift and be compliant. We are approved by OSHA and will ensure you are 100% compliant with all regulations.

Affordable Alternatives to Free Forklift Certification Near Me

Once you’ve convinced the powers that be to invest in your forklift training, learning can truly begin. Course options include:

Employee Training Kit

While you may not be able to find free forklift certification opportunities, our training kit is priced at a reasonable $299. The one-time investment includes everything you need to train to be a forklift operator, including written step-by-step guides, printable templates, and easy to follow Powerpoint presentation. Best of all, training can be completed in about an hour’s time.

Train a Trainer

Training an in-house employee to educate their colleagues on forklift best practices is one of the best ways to save money. At just $149, it’s a tremendous value for your entire organization. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a truly free forklift certification course – once you train a single employee, you can keep future training in-house.

Bundle and Save

Eager to invest in the long term education of your employees? The Bundle and Save package is the best option. At an affordable $399, it’s a fantastic way to promote safety and forklift operator best practices throughout your team.

When it comes to free forklift training near me, you get what you pay for. By investing in quality courses from, you’ll get workers in compliance with OSHA fast and minimize the risk of a workplace accident.

Skip the Free Forklift Certification Near Me and Invest in Quality

At FLC, we don’t offer free forklift certification near me. Instead, we provide affordable, high quality resources for new and experienced forklift operators alike. Our courses are the best investment you can make into the safety of your workers. Fail to meet OSHA training standards and your organization may face expensive fines and penalties. Invest in quality training from the start and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come. If you’re ready to start training, reach out online or via phone at (888) 278-8896. Allow our OSHA experts to guide you through training recommendations for your unique needs.