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10 Benefits of Forklift Certification

benefits of forklift certification

Forklifts may seem like a regular part of our society and the daily processes of the modern world because they are. However, that doesn’t mean the ability to operate them safely and properly is mainstream, and specialized training isn’t necessary. To prevent the serious accidents that occur every year all over the country, all aspiring forklift operators must complete a forklift certification. And all employers who want to remain compliant with industry rules and regulations must hire only trained workers.

Here are some of the many benefits of forklift certification. 

Save Money Over Time

Establishing a health and safety system in the workplace, like requiring that only certified workers operate forklifts, can help workplaces save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. According to OSHA, companies spend $170 billion a year of their own money on costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. By adopting a strict forklift certification program and policy for all employees, you can reduce your injury and illness costs by 20 to 40 percent and keep that money in your profits.

Improve Workplace Safety

Injuries and illnesses aren’t just bad for business; they also effect your entire work force in a negative way. Injuries and illnesses raise workers’ compensation and retraining costs, days of missed work, and the chances of turning out a product or service that is unsafe and low quality. They also lower the productivity in the workplace. Since 1970, more than 75,000 lives have been saved and millions of injuries have been prevented due to effective health and safety practices, which include the requirement of forklift certification for operators.

Enjoy a Greater Return on Investment

As mentioned, a safer workplace with fewer injuries and illnesses and improved morale leads to increased productivity and profits. An increase in productivity is the key to ensuring your investments, like forklift training, are worth their initial cost. If a forklift driver is injured on the job, they will be out of commission for the length of their healing period and a forklift will be out of the production line. This means slowed progress and lost profits. Every minute a worker is injured and out of the work day, the employer relinquishes thousands of dollars per hour. Teaching operators how to avoid accidents and injuries can help you maximize your ROI and keep your workplace up to speed.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The maintenance of forklifts is expensive but a necessary cost when running a construction business or equipment fleet. It’s most cost-efficient to plan regular maintenance to ensure issues that arise don’t become serious problems. However, when maintenance is unplanned due to a damage or injury-causing accident, the costs can take a large hit out of a company’s profits unexpectedly. Many on-the-job accidents are preventable when properly trained workers are operating forklifts and other large machinery. The cost of training will be covered multiple times over when expensive equipment damage is avoided.

Reduce Insurance Costs

When an accident occurs on a worksite that injuries an employee, a company’s insurance has to cover any necessary medical costs. If an insurance company is provided documentation of safety training and certification after an accident, it’s often much more likely to reduce the costs of the workers’ compensation coverage.

Avoid OSHA and Stay Compliant with Regulations

OSHA and ANSI have put rules and regulations in place regarding forklifts to help prevent workplace accidents. One of OSHA requirements for forklifts is that it is the employer’s responsibility to provide all workers with a safe workplace free of hazards, and that employees must be given operator safety training before being allowed to operate forklifts. Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to costly fines, with the penalty for willfully neglecting regulations starting at $126, 749 per violation. It’s up to the employer to ensure the workplace remains compliant at all times, and adhering to the rules set by these administrations is the key to building a successful business.

Improve Morale and Lower Stress in the Workplace

When safety and health are top priorities in the workplace with a strong emphasis on operator training, it increases the morale and reduces stress among employees. Businesses with active safety and health programs are often rated better places to work and have more satisfied, productive employees. They are also less likely to lose employees, and workers in these types of environments tend to produce higher quality products and services.

Enjoy More Career Opportunities

As an employee, obtaining a forklift certification and being OSHA-compliant will open the doors to more, better-paying job opportunities. As you’ve most likely gathered, employers won’t be likely to hire an uncertified worker because they won’t want to risk the hazards, reduction in productivity, and devastating fines that can come with untrained employees.

Obtain Transferable Skills

A forklift certification and license that proves you are prepared to operate forklifts and are compliant with OSHA standards is applicable to any state and workplace in the country. You can take your skills and credentials to different jobs offering higher pay and more benefits as you gain experience. If you should ever want to move, your certificate will go with you.

Grow Your Business, Faster

Trained employees deliver better work, faster. It’s as simple as that. Combined with the reduction in injuries and equipment damage, your business will grow at a much faster rate than a competitor that hires untrained workers and has a lower standard for safety. Fewer accidents, improved productivity, and zero risk of fines all point to a better bottom line with more opportunities to invest in your business the way you want.

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