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All About Forklift Seat Belt Safety

A typical warehouse forklift weighs an average of 9,000 lbs. and can be dangerous if left in the hands of an untrained operator without the right safety tools. There are roughly 85 forklift fatalities a year, and seat belts play an important role in preventing more from happening. If you

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4 Ways to Keep a Cool Warehouse in the Heat

Without a good air conditioning system, the average warehouse facility can reach temperatures around 80-85 degrees in the summer. At this temperature range, a person’s productivity levels will drop by about 18% according to NASA. The likelihood of making an error also rises to about 40%. Keeping your warehouse cool

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What Are the Seven Forklift Classes?

The U.S. Industrial Truck Association (ITA) has established 7 different types of forklift. Forklift classes help operators understand which type of lift is most appropriate for the task at hand. Knowing what engine a lift has, whether it can be used on rough terrain, and if an operator can ride

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