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Special Considerations for Maritime Forklift Operators

Maritime is one of the main types of materials handling industries in which forklifts are used, which includes shipyards, marine terminals, and longshoring. Below we take a deeper look into each of these industry segments to understand the requirements and regulations of forklift operators. 

10 Forklift Operator Training Requirements

OSHA requires that all workers who wish to operate forklifts in any industry, including general, maritime, and construction, must be trained to do so and evaluated to confirm their competency. OSHA’s requirements for training are set in place to protect employees and the worksite, and help reduce the number of

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The Safest Way to Stack Containers

Cargo and shipping containers are used to transport various materials across land and sea, and even build budget-friendly homes. No matter how they are being used, the key to using shipping containers is to stack them safely and properly.  If it’s your job to stack containers, it is your responsibility

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