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Getting Started with a Forklift Maintenance Plan

  Think forklift safety, and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Here are some of the most common ones: Proper operating procedures Eliminating blind spots Traveling at safe speeds Smart load management Comprehensive HAZWOPER policies (if applicable) Reading manufacturer manual/recommendations Using caution when moving up and down ramps

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How Warehouses Prepare for Black Friday

In 2017, American shoppers spent $14.5 billion dollars online in only three days: Thanksgiving Day – $2.9 billion Black Friday – $5 billion Cyber Monday – $6.6 billion They spent a combined total (online and in-store) of more than $700 billion during the months of November and December. How do

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Forklift Accident Nearly Takes MMA Fighter’s Life

To the general public, driving a forklift may not seem like an especially dangerous job. You tool around a warehouse in a low-set, sturdy vehicle. You put pallets and boxes on and off shelves. And you make a beeping noise every time you back up. But those who drive a

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