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What are Forklifts Used for and Why are They Needed in Warehouses?

Are you thinking about becoming a forklift driver? Are you looking for a well-paying job in a warehouse setting? Then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll use a forklift – in a warehouse, of course!

Proper Lockout Tagout Steps for Forklifts

Lockout tagout procedures are often the “last line of defense” between accidents and injuries. Created as a means to prevent machine operators and other workers from using equipment during outages, planned maintenance, and other special times, a lockout tagout is required by OSHA to protect you and your co-workers from unnecessary

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Why Would a Forklift Tip Over?

The forklift tip over is one of the most common and deadliest kinds of forklift accidents. When forklifts aren’t operated properly or when an unsafe situation isn’t recognized, forklifts can become easily imbalanced. This could lead to injuries, fatalities, and damages.

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