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When Were Forklifts Invented and Other History Questions Answered

Few tools are as essential to the modern logistics and construction industries as the humble forklift. Despite its omnipresence in warehouses and job sites around the world, forklifts rarely get the respect they deserve. Today, we’ll dive deep into forklift history to explain when were forklifts invented, their impact on

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The Reason Behind Stolen Forklifts

Turn on the nightly news and you’re unlikely to hear much about stolen forklifts. While they don’t make for the most glamorous of news stories, forklift theft is more common than most people realize. According to the National Equipment Register, more than 330 forklifts are stolen every year in the

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How Pallet Jacks vs Forklifts Stack Up

Which is better: a pallet jack or a forklift? The pallet jack vs. forklift debate is ongoing, but it is important to note that both have their respective pros and cons. Now, let’s look at forklifts and pallet jacks in detail. The Difference Between a Pallet Jack and a Forklift

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