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How much does OSHA forklift training cost?

The Cost of Training Your Forklift Operators is Far Less Than the Cost of Shirking the Rules

Cost of forklift training.

Do you own a construction company, or a company that regularly uses forklifts in day-to-day operations? If you do, you probably know that the OSHA crackdowns aren’t going to stop. OSHA inspectors are just doing their jobs – but the cost of these inspections could literally put a business under, particularly when it comes to fining companies for having uncertified forklift operators on hand.

Recently, a company in the news was cited with one alleged willful, nine alleged serious and two other-than serious violations. The grand total? Over $52,000. For some companies, that’s more than a mid-to-upper range executive might make in one year.

Let’s face it – you have to get those employees trained. Expert forklift certification courses are available, so there’s no reason to get your forklift operators out there on machines they don’t know how to use. This could literally cost one of your men his life, and it’s just not worth it – particularly when OSHA forklift certification training is easy to come by.

By intentionally neglecting the training of forklift operators, employees open themselves up to safety citations and hefty fines – as well as the potential for much more dangerous and potentially tragic outcomes for employees.

If your forklift operators haven’t received OSHA safety certifications, it’s time to get cracking. Make sure any employee who operates a forklift is properly trained. The cost of the training will be far less than the potential financial, physical or emotional cost of neglecting to keep your employees safe.

There’s just no substitution for safety – and when proper forklift certification in a classroom or digital setting means the difference between life and death for your employees, you can’t skip it. The resulting fines could also mean life or death for your business – and it’s just not worth the gamble.

FLC Forklift Training Cost

So how much exactly is forklift training? FLC is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to get forklift training and certification. We have three options for you to choose from:

Training Kit

Our standard forklift training kit for $299 includes 7 specialized curriculum’s, step-by-step guides, printable templates, a trainer orientation DVD, and a safety first course.

Train a Trainer Kit

Our train a trainer kit for $149 is designed to train a qualified forklift operator to be come a designated forklift trainer. By training an employee to be a trainer, you can save on expenses in the long run by having someone onsite to do proper training.

Bundle Training Package

Our bundle package for $399 includes everything in the training kit and train a trainer kit with a $50 savings!



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