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How to Get a Job with a Forklift Certification

Have you just recently completed your employee forklift certification? Are you now ready to apply for a forklift operating position? While you’ve already got the number one requirement in tow, many new workers are finding it difficult to land a job when employers are also looking for experience in the

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Grime and Punishment: Those Unlucky Freight Terminal Doors

Think you’ve had a tough day at the office? Try standing in place of the average freight terminal door. According to a recent feature article from Today’s Facility Manager, there is perhaps no more rough-and-tumble part of a terminal hub than freight terminal doors. Used to separate tractor trailers from

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Company Forced to Pay $70,000 for Forklift Worker’s Death

Forklift driving can be a dangerous job, whether it’s in the United States or on the other side of the world. A New Zealand man was killed last February 25th, and investigators said the accident that killed him was ”a tragedy waiting to happen”, a representative for WorkSafe New Zealand

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