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How Old Must You Be to Operate a Forklift?

It is illegal for anyone — regardless of age — to operate a forklift without completing an OSHA-approved safety training course. During this course, students can learn about OSHA forklift safety requirements, along with the minimum age to operate a lift. Do You Need a License to Drive a Forklift?

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Purchasing a Forklift: The Ultimate Guide from FLC

A forklift purchase is a major investment — and you need to plan accordingly., a leading provider of online OSHA-approved forklift safety training certification, is proud to offer an in-depth forklift purchasing guide. We encourage you to read our forklift purchasing guide, so you can quickly and easily find

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An In-Depth Look at Modern Building Materials

A revolution is underway in the construction industry. New construction materials look poised to transform the way bridges, skyscrapers, and other structures are built. At the same time, modern construction materials and techniques are in development that could help construction workers erect structures faster, more affordably, and more efficiently than

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