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Las Vegas Forklift Certification and Training

Las Vegas has over 2 million people in the metro area and is still one of the most visited destinations in all of Nevada and the western United States. The city’s growing economy requires a need for well-trained forklift drivers to help run warehouses, distribution centers, construction sites and more throughout Las Vegas. 

Vegas is much more than an entertainment hot spot. It’s also home to an expanding workforce, which includes forklift drivers, pallet jack operators, and more. If you hire forklift drivers in the city, these drivers are required by OSHA to complete forklift certification Las Vegas training. However, most companies can’t handle Las Vegas forklift certification on their own. They’re uncertain about OSHA rules. And, they’re concerned about costs associated with certification training. That’s why companies all over Las Vegas rely on (FLC) for their training and compliance needs. 

FLC is a leading provider of OSHA forklift certification Las Vegas training options. Sign up today and don’t gamble with safety and compliance in Las Vegas – we’ll show you how to train all your drivers while saving time and money!

Explore Our Forklift Certification Las Vegas Training Options

If you need forklift certifications in Las Vegas, Nevada, FLC’s got you covered. Here’s a look at our forklift certification Las Vegas training options and what they have to offer. 

Train a Trainer

Thanks to our Train a Trainer course, you can teach any worker to become an OSHA-approved forklift certification trainer. Our Train a Trainer course aligns with the latest OSHA forklift safety requirements. The course comes with free renewal certifications and provides instant OSHA-compliant certification. Plus, it is available for $149 and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. 

Employee Training Kit

Use our Employee Training Kit to get your entire workforce up to speed on OSHA forklift safety requirements. The kit includes everything you need to help your workers learn the ins and outs of safe forklift operation. You can purchase the kit for $299. From here, your workers can utilize it to earn their OSHA forklift certification in as little as one hour. 

Bundle Package

Take advantage of our Bundle Package, so you can provide your workers with all-in-one forklift certification Las Vegas training. The package includes our Train a Trainer course and Employee Training Kit. It is sold for $399 — which means when you bundle our Train a Trainer course and Employee Training Kit, you save $50 in comparison to buying each one individually. 

Online Certification, our sister site, provides a superb online forklift certification program for $59.95

Why Is Forklift Certification Las Vegas Important?

Without proper training, your company is violating OSHA requirements. It is illegal to let its workers operate any forklifts. So, if you have unlicensed forklift drivers operating equipment and they’re in an accident, you’ll be penalized with expensive fines. 

Our training modules offer many features, including:

  • Affordable prices
  • Online convenience 
  • Free refresher training 
  • Complete support 
  • Test materials, hands-on evaluation documentation, and more 

Get in touch with today, so you can ensure your workers are trained to the latest OSHA safety standards!

Ready to Offer OSHA Forklift Certification Las Vegas to Your Employees? FLC Can Help

Forklift accidents can happen at any worksite, at any time. But, forklift operators can do their part to guard against such issues. In fact, forklift operators who complete an OSHA-approved certification training program may be able to identify forklift hazards. They can then stop forklift accidents that otherwise lead to serious injuries or fatalities. 

We’re here to help with your Las Vegas forklift certification today. If you have any questions or are unsure about your current compliance situation, call us at (888) 278-8896 or contact us online. That way, we can help you take the first step toward providing forklift certification training to your employees.