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Types of Forklift Masts

  Forklifts are a vital piece of equipment for most warehouses. They allow workers to move products and materials in a timely manner. They also increase warehouse storage space in two ways. The ability to lift heavy loads allows products to be stacked high. Forklifts can also be safely navigated

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Get to Know Your Forklift Better: Basic Terminology and Anatomy of Powered Industrial Trucks

  How well do you know your forklift? It’s a question that’s worth asking – and answering honestly – because the better you know your equipment, the better you’ll become at operating it.

Forklift Protection From High Heat and Extreme Cold

Forklifts are sturdy pieces of equipment designed for long life and safety. But all man-made machinery is susceptible to extreme work environments. With forklifts, this can involve high heat and extreme cold, both of which can lead to operational problems and excess wear and tear. Here’s how to protect your

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