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Forklift Accident in UK

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Forklift certification is required for a reason.  Not only should employees get a good idea of how to keep themselves safe on the job, they should be able to spot possible problems that could cause an injury or death in the workplace.  Many employers across the United States and the UK would rather do things halfway, save a little money and cut corners regardless of what it means for their employees.  This was the case for EDV Reinforcements Limited, a Rebar supplier in the UK.

What Happened at EDV?

A 50 year old man who refuses to disclose his identity was struck by an extremely heavy platform made of metal while on the job at the EDV.  The platform struck him when it fell off the forks of a fork lift truck.

After an investigation, it was determined that the platform was actually balanced on the forks without any kind of security in place.  The victim’s ribs were broken, and he suffered possibly permanent neck and back injuries due to the incident.

 Forklift Certification: Why Bother?

EDV was fined several thousand pounds by HSE, the British workplace safety body that compares to OSHA in the United States.  Though the man’s injuries were not life threatening, it’s honestly hard to tell what can happen when a heavy platform falls from a great height.  EDV is lucky to only get away with minor violations, rather than the loss of employee life.

Certification training in forklift use is important for employees all over the world.  An onsite foreman should be in place, and should never allow employees to balance such a heavy objects on the forks of a forklift.  Forklift certification in the United States teaches employees that they have a right to be safe at work.  In forklift certification training courses, an employee learns that he or she should watch out for safe conditions in the workplace, and report them if necessary.  If someone had done that at EDV, the injured employee could be on his feet right now.

There’s no excuse for a lack of safety in the workplace, and proper forklift certification training will ensure that employees avoid costly and painful injuries.

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