Proper forklift training is essential for safe equipment operation and passing your operator certification exam. Our Forklift Training course delivers affordable, OSHA-compliant online instruction covering all powered industrial trucks. Access engaging training anywhere to advance your warehouse or construction career.

OSHA Forklift Training

Forklift Practical Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates legal requirements for forklift training. Employers must ensure operators complete the following:

Our convenient online course satisfies the necessary formal instruction component. Specific OSHA standards covered include:

These regulations encompass Class I-VII powered industrial trucks like rider forklifts, hand trucks, motorized tractors, and rough terrain lift trucks.

Forklift Training OSHA standards

Forklift Training
Course Benefits

Choosing our OSHA-focused course offers advantages like:

100% online accessibility

100% online

Train anywhere 24/7

Engaging video modules

Engaging video

Dynamic visual learning

Reliable testing

Reliable testing

certification exams

Affordable pricing

Affordable pricing

Packages from $75

The training prepares you thoroughly for operator testing and enhancing workplace safety. Count on a 100% satisfaction guarantee backing our comprehensive digital curriculum.

Getting Trained:

3 Straightforward Steps

Successfully getting forklift trained involves:


Complete Online Course

The online training course thoroughly covers topics like:

At course completion, you must pass a final exam verifying your understanding of the instructional concepts.

Step 1 Online Course

Hands-On Practice

While we provide trusted online education, your specific employer facilitates supplementary practical training. This on-site instruction tailored to your workplace covers:

Check with your manager to learn about scheduling this essential hands-on training at your facility once finishing the online course.


Final Evaluation

The last step involves passing your individual employer's customized performance evaluation to operate forklifts independently. You'll demonstrate retaining knowledge of:

Earning a passing score authorizes you to be a certified forklift operator at your company.

Final Evaluation Step-3

Training Validity and
License Renewal

Operator approval typically remains active for 3 years initially. Completing recertification evaluations before expiration is compulsory for staying authorized. Added retraining and testing also become necessary if:

Once renewing your license, consider supplemental refresher education to sharpen your safety knowledge. Proactively enhancing operator skills prevents avoidable workplace incidents.

Training Validity and License Renewal

Extra Resources

Explore these further materials for building your forklift safety knowledge:

Staying up-to-date on evolving regulations protects yourself, your coworkers, and your equipment.


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