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Hiring Event Shows Promise & Potential of Forklift Careers

Forklift drivers are in demand. An upcoming hiring event in South Carolina shows the attractive salary, benefits and other perks associated with forklift jobs.

This event in Greenville, SC is typical of forklift hiring initiatives, particularly for large, multinational companies. BMW is looking to hire multiple forklift driving positions, and the response should be strong. Recruiting firm MAU will interview candidates on Saturday, June 6th at their Greenville branch on 7993 Pelham Road.

MAU stressed these are immediate openings, which means those forklift operators with up-to-date training will be given added priority.

For those drivers fortunate enough to secure a job at the BMW plant, here are some of the perks, as per MAU’s information:

  • Starting hourly rate up to $16.30
  • BlueCross BlueShield health benefits (major medical, dental, and vision)
  • 1.5 weeks paid vacation
  • Up to 13 paid holidays
  • Retirement 401K plan, life insurance & more

Minimum requirements are 12 months of solid job stability and the willingness to take a drug test. Again, those drivers with current OSHA-compliant training will have a big advantage over other applicants.

These benefits, along with the hourly rate, make the BMW forklift jobs a very attractive proposition indeed. To put it all in perspective, consider that a forklift driver at the Greenville BMW plant will make about the same yearly salary as a young public school teacher in South Carolina.

If you’re a forklift driver in Maine or Minnesota or California (or anywhere else), you might be thinking to yourself, “How does this South Carolina event affect me?” It doesn’t impact you directly, but it’s an important reminder that forklift jobs are always in demand – and with the right training, you give yourself the best possible chance to get a job with a great starting rate, benefits, vacation time and more. can put you on the track to success.

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