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How to Get Forklift Certified

If you or your co-workers want to know how to get a forklift license, we have everything you’re looking for. is the #1 source for superior forklift training that is completely online and at your convenience.

Why is it Important to Get Forklift Certified?

If you’re wondering how to get forklift certified to qualify for forklift jobs, you may be wondering why it’s so important. After all, why not just take a class and be done with it? The best answer to this question is that getting certified protects your safety, proves your knowledge and competence, and protects employers. You see, the majority of forklift accidents in America are caused by operator error. This means that untrained workers who don’t know how to get forklift certification are behind most forklift accidents that lead to injuries and fatalities. Additionally, uncertified workers aren’t able to prove they’ve received any training whatsoever, which puts employers at risk for costly fines from OSHA.

If you want to protect your life on the job, and get hired for the best forklift jobs in your area, you need to know how to get certified to drive a forklift.

How to Get OSHA-Approved Forklift Training

If you’re wondering, ‘How to get forklift certification that’s approved by OSHA?’ wonder no more. It’s easy, fast, and affordable to get the forklift training you need to be safe and productive at work and learn how to get certified for forklift operators. Learning how to get forklift certified applies to you even if you just operate forklifts occasionally or are a temporary employee.

For less than 50 bucks and an hour or two of your time, you can bust that Sword of Damacles right off your head and complete OSHA-compliant forklift training. That will look so much better on your resume than, “sacked for being stupid.” All it takes are three simple steps:

1. Classroom Training

One of the OSHA forklift training requirements is classroom-style instruction. You can do this by sitting in front of an instructor, watch videos or sign up for an OSHA-compliant online course like the one offered by (Why choose FLC? Our interactive material is all online and easy to understand!)

2. Take a Test

In order to convince OSHA that you are more than a pretty face sitting in front of a computer, you will need to pass a forklift training test to demonstrate that you understand what OSHA requires of forklift operators looking into how to get forklift certified. (Fun fact – FLC has a 100% passing rate! If you fail the first time, you can take it again until you understand all the material and pass!) Once you complete this part, you will be able to print off a checklist for the third and fun part of OSHA forklift certification, the hands-on evaluation.

3. Hands-On Evaluation

Your employer MUST complete a hands-on evaluation of your ability to safely operate a forklift in order for you to qualify for your operator card and certificate of completion. The evaluation must be specific to the equipment you will be working with and to the workplace environment where you will use the equipment.

4. Print Your Operator Card

Once you have passed the online test and the hands-on evaluation, you will be able to print a temporary operator card and certificate of completion right then and there. Original, printed copies of both will be sent to you at the address you gave when you registered for training.

That’s it. You will never have to look over your shoulder ever again, unless it’s to watch where you are going and not fall off the loading dock.

Learn more about forklift accident prevention here.

Who is Forklift Certification Training For?

Our company takes the mystery out of how to get forklift certification. We’ve helped plenty of warehouse workers, dockyard loaders, order selectors and other forklift drivers become OSHA compliant in the shortest amount of time with minimal budgetary impact. However, even top companies like Siemens, Harley-Davidson, U-Haul and Snap-On Tools choose (FLC) for all their training needs. Our courses and time-proven training methods are the best option for HR representatives, supervisors, safety administrators and others when they need to know how to get forklift certified for their facility or certain workers.

Once a tester has successfully completed our training modules, official certification is available immediately. This benefit also helps companies save time and expense – yet another reason that FLC is the premier online forklift certification provider.

What is the Best Way to Get Forklift Certified?

Many companies across the United States need to know how to get certified to drive a forklift. Some will hire an expensive on-site consultant. This costly method is very time-consuming and also impacts busy work schedules. Other businesses will try to develop their own training courses. And while this route may produce a more customized version than other training courses, it takes considerable manpower and training to “train the trainers,” so to speak.

After trying those two methods, the question still remains – how to get a forklift license for an employee (or numerous employees)? That’s were FLC comes in. Our forklift training programs that teach how to get certified for forklift operators are effective and affordable. The content (DVDs, videos, interactive tests, etc.) are created by forklift professionals, and that expert-level instruction simply cannot be duplicated elsewhere. When our customers take one of our forklift certification courses, they know they’re getting the best possible instruction. That’s why FLC enjoys such a high client retention rate.


According to OSHA guideline 29 CFR 1910.178 (l) (1), every employee that operates a forklift – including full-time employees and contract workers – are required to have safety training. Forklift Certification offers a complete selection of courses that show how to to get certified as a forklift operator. We offer the following courses:

 Train the Trainer – this course shows how to get forklift certified with proper in-house training. With Train the Trainer, your OSHA expert is a fellow employee!

 Forklift Training Kit – one of the most pressing questions we receive is, “How can I get forklift certified?” Well, the answer is easy – with our Forklift Training Kit! This is the most comprehensive class you’ll find for the price. If you want to know how to get certified for forklift operation, this is the only OSHA training class you need!

 Bundle Package – if you want to learn how to get certified as a forklift operator and also obtain an expert, in-house OSHA resource, the Bundle Package provides both our Train the Trainer and Forklift Training Kit courses. For the price, there’s no other OSHA training resource that offers such a terrific value! knows how to get certified to drive a forklift for you and your workforce. To learn more about how to get a forklift license, please visit our contact page to request a quote or gather additional information. We can also be reached at (888) 278-8896. You may not know how to get forklift certification, but that’s why we’re here! We take the guesswork out of your OSHA compliant safety system.


To get started, simply select a course that meets your OSHA training needs. With coursework developed by OSHA experts and a convenient, learn at your own pace format, our classes are ideal for beginners and experienced forklift drivers alike. Launch your own OSHA forklift safety program with FLC today!

Learn more about how to get forklift certification, including how to get a forklift license and how to get forklift certified. Thanks for considering

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