OSHA-Approved Forklift Certification in an Hour or Less

Behind only Newark and Jersey City,  Paterson is New Jersey’s third-largest city.  The seat of Passaic County, Paterson is only a short drive from New York City, which makes it one of northern New Jersey’s most important economic centers.

Paterson Forklift Training

Because of its convenient location, thriving business district and numerous warehouse operations, Paterson businesses are always looking for well-trained, qualified forklift drivers. Those operators who have received their Patterson forklift certifications are in the most demand since employers know that OSHA requires them to ensure their drivers have received forklift training and certification. Contrary to popular belief, whether you’re an employer or an employee, there’s no need to look further than ForkliftCertification.com.  As the Garden State’s #1 OSHA training provider, we’re the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to take care of your forklift operator training needs!


Advantages of FLC’s Paterson Forklift Certification Training

Here are some of the many benefits you’ll receive when you sign up for FLC’s 100% OSHA-approved Paterson forklift certification training:

✓ FLC’s certification is online – employees won’t need to take time away from work traveling to and from an offsite facility for expensive training classes.

✓ All materials can be accessed 24/7. Using a smartphone, tablet or another digital device, training can be taken anywhere there’s an internet connection at any time and place it’s convenient – at work, during a lunch break at home, or at a coffee shop.

✓ The certification process can be completed in as little as just one hour, but since there are no time limits, those who need more time can work at their own pace.

✓ OSHA requires operators to take renewal training every three years, and when you choose FLC, it’s free for life.

✓ Once the Paterson forklift certification training is complete, operator certifications can be immediately downloaded and printed, so there’s no delay waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

Avoid Costly OSHA Fines

OSHA takes workplace safety very seriously. OSHA Guideline 29 CFR 1910.78 (1) (1), forklift operators, regardless of whether they’re working full time or part-time are required to take forklift operator safety training.

Almost 100 forklift fatalities occur on job sites annually, and non-compliance with OSHA regulations can be expensive. CertifyMeOnline.net recently conducted a survey of more than 100 safety personnel that revealed OSHA had audited 51% of their safety programs; of these, 82% had received fines, more than half of which were over $100,000.

When FLC certifies your Paterson employees, you’ll both be OSHA compliant. Since your drivers will know how to use their equipment properly, you’ll have a safer workplace. You’ll also experience increased productivity, which will improve your company’s bottom line.

Paterson Forklift Certification in an Hour or Less

We offer three training choices, which are the Training Kit, Train a Trainer program and our popular Bundle Package. Each comes with helpful study guides, streamlined learning modules, convenient templates and many extras like our data-packed USB drive. Here’s a summary of what’s included:

✓ Training and Certification Kit

In as little as an hour, each of your drivers will learn everything they need to know about how to safely operate forklifts – all this is included for only $299, so there’s nothing else to buy. This is the only Paterson forklift certification training program you’ll ever need to buy!

✓ Train the Trainer Program

This program will give you an in-house trainer to conduct both initial and renewal training. One of your employees will be trained as an OSHA safety expert! It’s intended for companies that already have a forklift training program, but want to have a certified trainer always on hand. The cost is just $149.

How to Enroll Your Operators in Paterson Forklift Certification Training

FLC’s Paterson forklift certification training is fast, easy and affordable! Choose the course or courses that match your company’s needs and follow these five easy steps:

  1. Log on to the FLC website, create an account and register your company (this takes just a few minutes)
  2. Register your operators
  3. Have your employees log in to the account
  4. Instruct them to work through each training module. There are no time limits, but many people complete them in as little as an hour.
  5. Once the written portion is finished, an OSHA-certified certified trainer will watch them to evaluate their ability to operate the equipment.

All that’s left to do then is download and print the certifications, put copies in the personnel files. That’s it! There’s no waiting for the certifications to arrive in the mail.


Get Started Now!

Train with the leader in Paterson forklift certification! If you still have any questions about our forklift certification programs, or if you want to speak with one of our OSHA training experts, please call us at (888) 278-8896 or visit our contact page to learn more. ForkliftCertification.com is here to help your company have a better and safer workplace! Thanks for visiting ForkliftCertification.com!