5 Wearables in Construction You Need to Know About

Wearable technology in construction is quickly becoming a must-have. Construction wearable technology can help workers safely, quickly, and effectively perform everyday tasks. Plus, wearables in technology can make it easy for construction companies to track employee health and wellness, productivity, and other work factors and find ways to provide workers with exceptional work environments.

The benefits of wearables in construction can be significant for both businesses and their workers. But, it is important for construction companies to determine which wearables — if any — can help them achieve their desired results. In doing so, construction companies can provide wearable technology that its employees can utilize now and in the future — and accomplish their short- and long-term goals.

Innovative Construction Safety Wearables

Some of the top construction safety wearables available today include:

1. Smart Watch

Construction workers can wear a smart watch to track their health and activity. In addition, smart watches can detect falls, send alerts, and provide hands-free communication.

2. Smart Boots

Smart boots can detect pressure caused by shocks and falls. They can also be used to track a construction worker’s location. Some smart boots even come equipped with charging technology that allows construction workers to recharge their boots simply by walking around a worksite.

3. Smart Hard Hat

A smart hard hat looks nearly identical to a traditional hard hat. The key difference between the two types of hard hats: a smart hard hat tracks fatigue and detects collisions. As such, a smart hard hat provides greater protection than a standard hard hat.

4. Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses

AR glasses represent the next evolution of safety glasses. They offer real-time insights into risky leading edges and hazardous work materials. Also, AR glasses can provide visual cues to notify construction workers about safety protocols.

5. Smart Monitor

A smart monitor can be worn on different parts of a construction worker’s body to track various vital signs. For instance, smart sensors can be placed on a construction worker’s biceps or chest to monitor their temperature. A smart monitor can also be placed on a construction worker’s arm or chest to detect dangerous gases.

Want to Keep Your Construction Workers Safe? FLC Can Help

Wearable technology is evolving, and it may become increasingly important for construction companies to leverage this technology in the years to come. Meanwhile, construction worker safety is an ongoing priority, particularly for businesses that employ forklift operators. By enrolling your workers in training from ForkliftCertification.com, you can ensure your workers can safely use a forklift at construction sites.

FLC has been the leading provider of online OSHA forklift certification since 2002. We can teach your workers about forklift safety, so they are well-equipped to avoid on-the-job forklift accidents, injuries, and fatalities. To learn more about our forklift certification training program, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896.

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