Are You Trained to Operate a Forklift? [QUIZ]

are you trained to operate a forklift
The ability to safely operate a forklift depends on many factors. A forklift operator requires good judgment, the ability to perform under pressure, and a proper understanding of OSHA safety regulations. has prepared the following quiz to evaluate and assess your general knowledge about safe forklift use – and more importantly, how those skills measure up against the latest OSHA guidelines.

If you were recently hired by your company, or you were previously a forklift driver but haven’t been active for the past three years, you’re required to exhibit a basic grasp of different situations related to forklift operation. This training quiz was created to test your knowledge; it’s not an “official” OSHA evaluation. Ten questions are included, and if you think you’re a forklift expert, you should be able to answer all ten questions correctly!

In this module, you’ll be tested on optimal forklift operating speed, load and fork positioning, inspection standards, proper operation of pallet jacks, and more. Once you’ve completed this training module, you can see how well you performed compared to other people who’ve taken this quiz.

This quiz is a great way to evaluate your own forklift knowledge. If you’re already certified but have trouble answering any of the questions, perhaps you should reconsider your training source. offers three different OSHA forklift certification programs, and each provides the knowledge, skills and critical safety awareness training to successfully – and safely – operate any forklift.

Good luck!