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Colorado’s state economy, beautiful natural resources and commerce-friendly climate have made the Centennial State a great place to do business. This includes construction firms, manufacturers and other industrial enterprises. Many companies in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and other areas require forklift operators to keep the state’s economy moving forward.

If you’re a Colorado employer that requires its staff to use forklifts as part of their daily work, you must provide forklift certification in Colorado. (FLC) offers three training courses to ensure you’re OSHA compliant. Sign up today!

Our forklift certification in Colorado offers the following features:

  • 100% complete OSHA compliance
  • Affordable prices for any company looking for forklift training in Colorado 
  • Awesome customer support
  • Free renewal training
  • Online convenience – your employees can take their forklift certification & training in Colorado anytime, anywhere
  • And much more


Employers throughout the Rocky Mountain State rely on FLC for all their Colorado forklift certification and training needs. Through our three budget-friendly training program choices, we’ll help your entire forklift operator team to become OSHA-compliant in no time at all. 

Here are the three courses we offer for forklift certification in Colorado.

Employee Training Kit

If you or your employees need forklift certification in Colorado, there’s no need to look further than FLC. Our Employee Training Kit includes everything your workers need to know about how to properly operate forklifts. It is priced at just $299

Train a Trainer 

Are you looking for forklift training in Colorado that’ll pay big dividends down the road? Look no further than this course. Our Train a Trainer course allows employers to set up their own in-house, This OSHA-approved course to certify forklift operators as trainers is available for just $149

Bundle Package 

FLC’s Bundle Package includes both our Training Kit and Train a Trainer course at the discounted price of just $399, which is a savings of $50 over purchasing the courses separately.

Online Certification

We provide online OSHA forklift certification via for $59.95


Many employers don’t know where to get started with their forklift certification in Colorado. They think it’s too expensive, too time-consuming, and just too complicated. FLC redefines what it means to become fully OSHA compliant. We don’t think forklift training in Colorado should be a hassle – in fact, we think it should be student-friendly, even enjoyable!

And that’s exactly what our forklift certification & training in Colorado is – your workers can take their forklift certification training program in Colorado at any time. And our program is fully OSHA compliant. If a program is not in alignment with OSHA forklift safety requirements, for example, the employee cannot get the most value out of it. Even worse, their employer risks being out of compliance with OSHA guidelines. If the employer lets an unlicensed worker operate a lift and this employee causes an accident, the ramifications can be severe. FLC ensures you have everything you need for the best forklift certification in Colorado up front – and if you ever have any questions, our customer support team is here to help!

FLC simplifies the process of getting Colorado workers in compliance with OSHA forklift safety mandates. Our training offerings are easily accessible, and workers can complete them without delay. The offerings are also intended for workers across myriad industries. They can even help workers earn OSHA forklift certification in a single day. 


OSHA requires forklift operators to be recertified every three years or whenever they’re involved in an accident or near-miss while operating a forklift. When you choose FLC’s Colorado forklift certification for your employees, refresher training is free for life. Plus, if your employees relocate, your forklift certification in Colorado goes with them. 

FLC’s forklift operator certification is valid everywhere in the state, including Denver, Greeley, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Fort Collins. It’s also valid throughout the entire country! 

Ultimately, FLC is the ideal Colorado forklift training solution for employers and employees alike. With FLC’s affordable Colorado forklift certification training, you’ll be fully OSHA-compliant, and will enjoy free lifetime support. These are only a few of the reasons why we’re the forklift training provider of choice for businesses of all sizes throughout the state of Colorado.


The sooner you enroll your workers in forklift certification training, the sooner they can become OSHA-compliant. Moreover, your workers can gain insights into common forklift accidents and how to avoid them. They can also discover ways to improve on-the-job safety today, tomorrow, and long into the future. 

Whatever you need for forklift certification and training in Colorado, FLC has everything you need for full OSHA compliance, from HR paperwork to forklift licenses to training materials and much more. Safety is too important to skip – and it’s against the law to have anyone operate your lifts without forklift training in Colorado. FLC puts you on the path to compliance immediately!

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