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Counterbalance Forklift Certificate

Forklifts are used in many different kinds of settings and industries. They have made many types of work processes realities, but not all forklifts are made the same. Counterbalance forklifts are just one of many types, and are designed for a specific set of tasks that can only be used efficiently and safely with counterbalance forklift training.

Counterbalance Forklift Certificate

What is a Counterbalance Forklift?

Counterbalance forklifts are what you most likely image when you picture forklifts. They have two forks sticking out in the front without protruding arms or legs on the sides. The streamlined design allows them to drive right up to warehouse shelves and racks, and loads. They can be used in narrow aisles because of their space-saving design. Counterbalance forklifts get their name from the counterweight that is placed on the back of the lift to balance the weight of the load at the front. They can be gas, diesel, or electrically powered.

What Are Counterbalance Forklifts Used for?

Counterbalance forklifts are most commonly used indoors, inside warehouses and retail spaces. They are sometimes used outdoors on even, stable surfaces. Counterbalance forklifts are ideal for nearly all kinds of work in warehouses and distribution centers. They can maneuver within tight spaces and work very efficiently alongside shelves of inventory. Three-wheel counterbalance forklifts function the same as regular four-wheel counterbalance forklifts, but the single drive wheel in the center of the back of the lift increases maneuverability. They are great tools for use in settings where space is limited because they can turn and change directions very tightly.

Efficient for both indoor and outdoor work, and racking loading, counterbalance forklifts are trusted tools in most warehouses and retail centers.

Do I Need a Counterbalance Forklift Certificate?

The precision of the counterbalance forklift is what makes it so efficient and productive, but it’s also what makes specialized training for operators so important. Working right alongside warehouse shelves and racks of products, as well as navigating narrow aisles, can present many hazards for operators and bring forth different dangers. It is very important for operators to complete counterbalance forklift training and receive their counterbalance forklift certificate to learn how to properly drive both regular and three-wheel counterbalance lifts, maneuver tight spaces, properly handle and travel with loads, and avoid accidents involving collisions and falling objects.

Counterbalance forklift certification is the only type of training that will provide operators with all the information they need to be productive and safe at work. For these same reasons, it’s also important for employers who can greatly benefit from fewer accidents, reduced worker costs, and a lower risk of OSHA fines with workers who have their forklift counterbalance license.

Where Can I Get Counterbalance Forklift Training? offers an online counterbalance forklift training program that teaches workers everything they need to work with counterbalance forklifts safely and successfully both indoors and outdoors. It covers accident prevention, operational instructions, and all important regulations. It’s completely OSHA-compliant and only takes about one hour to complete, all from a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. Save money by not traveling to an expensive off-site facility for training. You can get everything you need from a device at home, at your own pace. The counterbalance forklift training cost is only $299, which includes free three-year renewals!

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