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A Forklift lifting another forklift

During the course of the workday we occasionally encounter challenges that require us to go above and beyond standard forklift procedures and get a little creative with our solutions. A recent viral video showing a forklift lifting another forklift to move a crate into a trailer in Taiwan, however, have many of us questioning whether improvising on the job is really a smart idea.

The video in question shows one forklift operator lifting a crate and placing it into a trailer as far as his machine will allow. Then, another forklift arrives to lift the first forklift into the trailer to move the crate to the recesses of the space, and then return the first forklift to the ground. Do they get points for creative ingenuity? Sure. Do they get points for smart safety practices? Definitely not.

As any certified forklift operator (or OSHA inspector) will tell you, using a forklift to lift another forklift is a dangerous risk that can not only lead to equipment and property damage, but potentially operator injury and even death. Sure, these guys have won the Internet temporarily for their ridiculous forklift antics, but we just hope that they don’t inspire anyone else to try a similar stunt. We’re all for funny viral videos and having a sense of humor at work, but not when the behavior poses a threat to the safety of people.

Proper forklift training is essential to maintaining a safe and efficient workplace. So, while this video will continue to make the rounds of the Internet it’s important that those of us who operate forklifts and train others to do so, ensure that smart and safe practices are used every time. There are plenty of safe and wise ways that the guys in the video could have moved the load further into the trailer, including using a pallet jack or a more appropriately sized forklift. What would you recommend as a safer alternative? Let us know in the comment section below.

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