OSHA Sites GM for Forklift Safety Violations

When a fatality occurs in the workplace due to a forklift, an employer is expected to report that fatality within 8 hours of its occurrence. This, along with other serious violations, have caused the GM Logistics plant in Guam to rack up several fines.

Tragedy at GM Logistics

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Even plants in American territories are susceptible to OSHA visits – particularly in the case of a fatality at the plant. Last November, an employee at GM Logistics died when he tried to leap out of a forklift that was tipping over.

The Director of Honolulu’s OSHA installation helped organize the site visit, and is specific about how GM Logistics’ OSHA violations contributed to the death of an employee, and could have had a hand in causing harm to other employees.

Forklift Certification Citations?

Citations were issued due to many issues, including allowing employees to drive forklifts without wearing seatbelts. Even if you have received forklift certification courses, no one is so skilled at operating a forklift that they can safely or reasonably do it without a seat belt.

Worst of all, the employee who died had no confirmed forklift certification training on record. As we all know by now, forklift certification is the most important thing you can do if you’re looking to drive a forklift as part of a career choice.

The employee who was in the tipping forklift could have exercised so many more safety options that could have saved his life. The proper forklift certification would help him understand how to remain safe in a distressed machine.

There is no word yet as to how much the fines from OSHA will total to, but since many of the violations were serious, one can expect GM Logistics won’t get off easily. This just goes to show you – you MUST get your employees forklift certified and arrange for refresher courses before they get on your machines!

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