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Forklift Tragedy Leaves Unanswered Questions

Yet another fatal forklift-related tragedy occurred in Menards, Illinois on Tuesday. Sycamore respondents answered an emergency call involving a forklift accident at the Menards construction site.

Evaristo Alvarado was trapped by the forklift during routine service duties. Alvarado serviced dozens of machines a week. He was a regional technician sent out from the company’s Plano office to inspect machines on a regular basis for safety issues. According to authorities, Alvarado was wedged between the forklift cab and the lifter when the accident occurred.

OSHA’s Involvement

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OSHA is currently investigating the incident to determine if safety violations were present on the machine, or at the Menards site. OSHA inspectors have indicated that it may take up to six months to go through and carefully analyze the machines, and Alvarado’s inspection procedures.

Any time a loss of life happens on a construction site, it truly makes you wonder if your site is safe, and what else can be done to make sure employees aren’t at risk. It’s going to take a long time for OSHA inspectors to go through the Menards site and check for compliance, but the question lingers – could Alvarado’s death have been prevented? What can foremen do on their respective construction sites to ensure that they’re keeping their employees as safe as possible?

Forklift Certification Kits

For starters, certification helps. Forklift certification kits are available for companies both large and small, and can be used by employers to ensure that all workers are compliant. A standard safety protocol should be put into place for all forklift operation, and the easiest way to go about this protocol is to follow federally mandated OSHA guidelines. Forklift certification training kits can make all the difference in keeping your employees safe on the job, and helping you and other administrative people in your workplace to develop and stick to safety standards.

It’s never too late to make sure your employees are safe. It only takes one accident to make a regular workday a tragedy.

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