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Forklift training certification under investigation

Tragedy in UK: Is forklift training to blame?

Recently, a Cardiff-based (UK) cargo company experienced a major tragedy. An employee had part of his leg amputated by being struck with a reversing forklift. During the investigation, it was uncovered that the forklift that was being used at the time of the accident had a defective reverse alarm and horn. The records on file with the company document that this had been a reoccurring defect for years.

Major implications

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As you can imagine, accidents like these cause major havoc for the employees and families involved – not to mention the major financial burden that can result for the company. The accident resulted in a citation for the Cardiff company. These kinds of citations could shut down a business.

In the United States, OSHA exists to help ensure employees are safe. Forklift certification training is in place to make sure that people “work smart”, and that machines are always well-maintained and kept up-to-date. Employers must maintain equipment – alarms and horns that protect employees have to be working at all times. It doesn’t take Cardiff to show you what happens when safety and warning equipment isn’t maintained up to code.

Forklift Operator training IS important.

There are always excuses for why companies have not adequately trained their employees in the maintenance and operation of their heavy machinery. “It’s too expensive”, “We don’t have the time,” etc. But with deliverable forklift operator training kits, it’s very possible to get your employees the kind of training they need to stay forklift certified, and safe on the job.

Forklift operator training as mandated by OSHA is a great way to get discipline into the workplace. Creating safety and maintenance schedules, putting refresher courses on the calendar, and working with a forklift certification kit that has everything you need to get employees certified are the perfect ways to get OSHA-compliant. The loss of life or limb simply isn’t worth ignoring safety laws.

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