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Get Certified for Forklift Operation with our online video course. has a forklift training video for your unique needs. With our popular Forklift Train the Trainer program, we have the right forklift training DVD to meet and exceed your company’s requirements. And because our content is available at the click of a mouse, you and your forklift drivers can enjoy anytime, anywhere access. Compare this convenient training method with a rigid, inflexible test format and it’s easy to see why companies use FLC for their forklift training programs.

Our forklift safety videos are ideal for employers and employees. From an employer standpoint, FLC’s forklift safety training videos can get all workers up to speed with the latest OSHA regulations. And according to OSHA standards, it’s up to the employee to provide proper training.

Individual forklift drivers can also benefit from our forklift videos. With three different OSHA forklift safety videos to choose from – Train the Trainer, Bundle Package, and Training Kit – FLC provides a customized, affordable, easy-to-learn training experience. Employers are always looking for the best job candidates in any field. For forklift drivers, that means OSHA compliance. Companies are simply more comfortable hiring forklift operators who already have the proper training credentials.

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Forklift Certification offers a custom OSHA forklift training course for your entire forklift fleet.

Our value-added Train the Trainer video explains different self-training methods, including:

✓ Proper safety training measures

✓ Self-paced OSHA safety standards

✓ Keeping up to date with OSHA standards

✓ OSHA accident and incident investigation

✓ How to become your company’s in-house OSHA training resource

✓ How to obtain your own in-house training expert

With our Train the Trainer video, you’ll learn how to have a “resident expert” for all OSHA related safety questions. This forklift operator training video is perfect for any company that wants to take safety and compliance into their own hands!

The popular Training Kit is a popular forklift safety training video. With this course, you’ll learn:

✓ How to safely operate a forklift

✓ Understand common-safety concepts

✓ Forklift video instruction for general forklift safety practices

✓ Establish a strong foundation for further safety training

No other online OSHA compliant training package (including our forklift safety videos) compares to our popular Training Kit!

With our Bundle Package, you’ll get the best of both worlds:

✓ This forklift training video combines our Train the Trainer and Training Kit content

✓ Ideal for everyone from safety supervisors, new hires and more

✓ The perfect OSHA forklift training video package for everyone in your company that drives forklifts

✓ Contains 100% of the forklift operator video content included with the Train the Trainer and Training Kit

✓ Priced for optimal value

Looking to save money and get the best forklift operator training videos in the process? The Bundle Package is for you!


Designed by forklift drivers and made for forklift drivers, our forklift training material (including videos, DVD, and other content) teaches important safety practices that help avoid accidents. Practical and on-point, a forklift training system from FLC is simply the best you’ll find anywhere.

With our OSHA forklift operator training videos, you’ll have comprehensive safety knowledge right at your fingertips – and ready to apply to real-world work situations! Classroom knowledge is one thing; knowing what to do on the job is quite another. FLC’s forklift safety training videos allow any operator – beginner and veteran drivers alike – to take useful safety concepts and transfer them to the workplace.

Why choose an FLC forklift training video? has been an industry-leading training firm since 2002. For well over a decade, our OSHA-compliant forklift training programs (including our popular Forklift Training & Certification Kit and Forklift Certification & Training Bundle Package) have helped small and large businesses with their forklift training needs.

Instead of costly “experts” conducting your training, FLC’s forklift training DVDs and online courses save money. And why settle for time-consuming in-house courses? Our forklift training videos – many available in convenient and ultra-flexible online courses – supply a thorough, comprehensive review of all the latest forklift safety standards, policies and procedures.

A forklift training video can help your workers and forklift operators become OSHA compliant. This is critically important for many reasons. For one, a properly trained forklift driver is less prone to accidents. With forklift fatalities, an ever-present concern (approximately every week in the U.S., two deaths are caused by forklift incidents), having a well-trained workforce is not only smarter than the alternative, but it’s also safer.


Forklift Certification has a forklift training video and test for all of your OSHA training needs. Check out our training course options and choose one – or all three! – to meet & exceed your safety training requirements. With our forklift operator videos and tests, your employees will have the knowledge and skills to perform safely on the job. And you’ll enjoy extra peace of mind knowing that your entire forklift fleet is OSHA compliant!

Are you looking for Forklift Training Videos? Check out our site for a Forklift Training Video or a Forklift Training Program for both trainers and operators. We’re the experts in OSHA-compliant certification.

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If you’d like to learn more about signing up for a forklift training program or have a question about a particular OSHA forklift training video, please call us at (888) 278-8896. You can also visit our contact page to find out additional information on a forklift training DVD or our complete library of forklift operator training videos.

Thanks for visiting FLC. We look forward to working with you on your forklift training system and safety program. To get started today, please visit our OSHA forklift safety training page. Here, you’ll find the forklift training video and test you need to become OSHA compliant. Our three courses contain everything necessary to become OSHA compliant. If you’d like to talk with one of our forklift operator video experts, give us a call at (888) 278-8896.

Thanks for considering FLC as your OSHA forklift safety video training source. We look forward to helping you today!