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How to Keep a Warehouse Cool in the Summer

Working on a forklift can be a tough job.  But for indoor drivers (warehouses, enclosed manufacturing facilities, etc.), one thing that shouldn’t be a factor is the weather outside. Keeping your warehouse cool in the summer months will help your entire workforce be more productive – and distraction-free workers are less likely to be involved in an accident.

How to Keep a Warehouse Cool in the Summer

How to Keep a Warehouse Cool in the Summer

So what are some ways to keep your warehouse cool, even when it’s sweltering outside?

Do an HVAC system check. Even if your A/C system says 65 degrees, it doesn’t hurt to have the wires checked, filters cleaned and other routine maintenance done. A yearly check will also help with operating costs.

Keep the air moving. Airflow is crucial for a comfortable warehouse. Even if there are sections that are not air-conditioned, have a fan running. This helps regulate the temperature considerably. This is also the best way to cool down a covered, open-air warehouse. Another way to keep workers cool is to install mini-fans in forklift cockpits. These are very popular in Arizona, New Mexico and other southwest U.S. states.

Don’t forget the H2O! Make sure your forklift drivers have easy access to fresh, cold water. This alone can offset hot, sticky conditions. Without a proper water supply, things will heat up in a hurry!

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