Hyundai’s New Forklifts Provide Power, Performance and Plenty of Features

The first things most people associate with Hyundai are automobiles. The South Korean manufacturer has grown significantly from the late 80s and early 90s. Back then, seeing a Hyundai car on the road was pretty rare. Nowadays, they’re everywhere.

Hyundai’s New Forklifts Provide Power, Performance and Plenty of Features
Hyundai’s New Forklifts Provide Power, Performance and Plenty of Features

Is the forklift market the next manufacturing frontier for Hyundai? The company recently announced their new 15/18/20 BT-9 series electric forklifts – and top forklift providers have taken notice.

Designed for exceptional efficiency and performance, Hyundai’s new BT-9 series forklifts feature advanced drive and lift capability. Plus, low maintenance costs – a typical Hyundai attribute that customers have come to expect – is a given.

The three models have varying load-carrying capacity. Load capacities are 3,000 pounds, 3,500 pounds and 4,000 pounds. To complement the sturdy and rugged functionality, the Hyundai lifts have compact aisle width and turning radii, along with something called “Curve Control feature.” This automatically slows down the lift based on the turning radius.

What’s really cool about the new Hyundai lifts is a 4-mode function feature. Operators can choose among the following modes of operation: High, Normal, Economic and Turtle Mode. So regardless of condition, there’s a customized setting for anytime, anywhere.

Plus, each lift has a new standard feature with a Load Indicator System. A display monitors shows how heavy the load is – and if the operator exceeds the max capacity, a warning is activated.

Hyundai’s announcement reminds everyone how fast forklift technology and features are advancing. To keep up with the constantly changing vehicles, OSHA will sometimes change legislation. And this means you have to stay up to speed. Just one safety violation can result in thousands of dollars in fines.

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