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James City, VA Warehouse Worker Hurt in Forklift Accident

The statistics say that 1 in 10 forklifts will be in an accident in 2014. For a James City warehouse worker, that 10% chance became a reality.

The accident happened just before noon at Nicewood Enterprises in the Stonehouse Commerce Park on March 10, 2014. A worker had his hand caught by a shifting pallet load, resulting in a serious injury.

James City, VA Warehouse Worker Hurt in Forklift Accident

James City, VA Warehouse Worker Hurt in Forklift Accident

The worker’s name wasn’t disclosed. By the time paramedics arrived on the scene at Nicewood Enterprises, the 30-year old worker’s hand was already freed from the pallet. The injury was serious enough that his co-workers considered getting a helicopter to transfer the injured person to MCV Hospital in Richmond.

In a statement, District Fire Chief Bob Ryalls said, “We applied pressure bandages to the wound, and then drove him to MCV for treatment.” Ryalls explained that it was quicker to drive the patient to Richmond than to call for a helicopter.

“This was one of those times,” he said. “You have to call for the helicopter, see if one is available, set up a landing zone and then wait for arrival. By then our driver was 10-15 minutes up the road.”

The Fire Chief’s quick thinking probably meant the worker was able to receive the fastest possible treatment. It is unclear how the accident occurred, and there is no work whether OSHA is currently investigating the situation.

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