Orlando Forklift Certification, 100% Online

forklift certification onlineWant to get your forklift certification in Orlando? Use ForkliftCertification.com. Before, you had to go to a different location and sit in a class for hours. With FLC, you can learn the basics online in about an hour. Once certified, you can use forklifts all over the U.S. We offer various training options to meet your company’s safety needs. Choose from the following:

Trainer Certification

To make your workplace safer, thoroughly train your employees on forklifts using FLC resources. With our trainer certification course, you can do all future training yourself. Train the Trainer costs $149, and it can save you money over time because you won’t need outside training. This course helps improve your company’s safety practices.

Employee Training Kit

For $299, our training kit gives you all the tools to teach employees about forklift use. The class usually lasts about an hour, and you can use the materials multiple times.

Bundle and Save

To improve your company’s safety, consider getting both our courses. For $399, you’re spending smartly on safety, and it’ll be worth every penny.

How Online Forklift Certification in Orlando Works

Before, getting an Orlando forklift certification took a lot of time and money. Workers had to go somewhere else and spend a day in class. With FLC tools, you can learn anytime, anywhere with an internet-connected device. Here’s how to begin:

  1. Register Employees: Managers should sign up any employees needing forklift training and certification.
  2. Select Classes: Select from our forklift training or Train the Trainer course.
  3. Complete the Course: Most people finish the content in about an hour.
  4. Take the Online Test: Trainees can take the written exam as often as necessary to earn a passing score.
  5. Complete a Hands-On Exam: An on-site employee of your organization must provide a hands-on evaluation for trainees. If you need someone for the job, our Train the Trainer course is the best way to train an employee to oversee all your future hands-on evaluations.
  6. Print Proof of Certification: Certification cards can be printed off after completing the hands-on exam. Just print them and keep them with your HR files.

Employees are deemed OSHA-certified at this stage if they finish the training and successfully pass both the written and practical tests.

Why Choose FLC for Orlando Forklift Certification

Choose Orlando forklift certification online with FLC to boost workplace safety and steer clear of OSHA penalties. Well-trained employees are less likely to have accidents at work. Additionally, the training ensures your business follows OSHA guidelines, helping you avoid fines. Here’s why you should train with FLC:

  • 24/7 Training: Employees can train from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Fast and Simple: Most people complete the course in about an hour.
  • Printable Proof of Certification: Print off certification cards to add to HR files after training.
  • Free Lifetime Renewals: OSHA requires all operators to recertify every three years. FLC trainees get access to our training courses for life.
  • A Fantastic Value: Our certification courses are just a fraction of what most training courses typically run.

If you’re not satisfied with the results of our training, we provide a full refund for our courses. Trying us out is risk-free!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Orlando Forklift Certification

Do you still have questions about how to get forklift certified in Orlando? Here are the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions:

Does OSHA Fine Companies in Florida?

Yes. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration aims to hold companies responsible for unsafe working conditions. From major corporations to contractors and everyone in between, OSHA doesn’t hesitate to levvy thousands of dollars in fines.

Are Forklifts Dangerous? 

When operated by untrained workers, forklifts can be incredibly dangerous. Fatal forklift accidents in Florida are, unfortunately, all too common.

Do You Need a License to Operate a Forklift in Orlando?

Yes. All forklift operators working in the United States must be fully trained and certified before using them.

Get Forklift Training in Orlando, FL Today!

All too often, forklift certification is difficult, time-consuming, and inconvenient. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with ForkliftCertification.com, forklift certification in Orlando is easy, fast, and convenient! The forklift training in Orlando program is online and can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. The program can also be taken at your own pace, but most students complete it in about an hour from their home or during their lunch break! The training is 100% OSHA compliant and only costs $299 for the whole training package.

Create an account, learn forklift operation, and print your certificate today! If you have any questions about forklift certification in Orlando, drop us a line or call (888) 278-8896