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forklift certification card has been a recognized leader in the OSHA-approved online forklift safety training and issuance of forklift operator license cards since 2002. Companies all across the United States have used FLC’s training programs to certify their forklift operators as being OSHA compliant.

Our forklift training card template provides the certification you and your employees need to prove they’re legally authorized to operate powered industrial trucks in your workplace. training classes are affordable, efficient and incredibly convenient. With FLC’s secure internet connection, you or your employees can complete the coursework online in as little as an hour and get an OSHA approved forklift certification card that same day!

For the past two decades, no other training provider has surpassed in providing forklift operator training and certification services. We’re trusted by both public and private firms everywhere. Lots of employers throughout the country use to help workers to get their forklift certifications. Our forklift certification training lays the foundation for a safer workplace, which is why we’re the best choice for OSHA compliant forklift operator training. Let FLC help your company as we have so many others – start by contacting us today or just keep on reading below to find out more!


First of all, it’s the law. Just showing an employee the basics isn’t adequately train your employees. You need an official record proving that each of your drivers has completed the instruction necessary to operate forklifts properly and safely and comply with all industry requirements.

When it comes to operating forklift equipment, OSHA has set strict standards in its efforts to reduce the number of accidents that occur every year. According to OSHA, employers must ensure their operators have completed training and are able to operate forklifts safely and properly. The OSHA forklift certification card is issued only after the employee completes a written exam, passes a practical evaluation and the necessary paperwork is filled out verifying the successful completion of his or her training.

forklift certification card may seem insignificant in the overall scheme of things, but it provides tangible evidence that you and your employees have fully complied with OSHA’s forklift operator regulations.


Forklift operator training isn’t merely to comply with OSHA regulations – it also directly impacts your business in terms of productivity and safety, and OSHA takes workplace safety very seriously. FLC works very hard to try to reduce the number of workplace accidents that occur each year. They accomplish this by enacting and enforcing regulations, all of which are intended to make your workplace safer and reduce the chances of accidents and injuries.

Here are some of the many benefits you and your employees will receive when you choose FLC for forklift operator training and certification:

✓ Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Your employees will gain the knowledge and experience they need to handle forklifts safely. Their operating proficiency and confidence will both increase; and as their confidence goes up, so will your productivity.

✓ Reduction in Accidents

Your operators will learn to recognize potential hazards, making them less vulnerable to serious accidents. They’ll also learn how to avoid situations that put themselves and their coworkers at risk.

✓ Lower Overhead Costs

As an employer, fewer accidents mean reduced workmen’s compensation insurance premiums and lower costs repairs to damaged equipment. You’ll also avoid OSHA penalties and fines and potential costly litigation brought on by injured employees.

✓ Free Refresher Training

When your employees receive their OSHA forklift certification cards through FLC, they’ll have free refresher training for life.

Ensure your workplace always has the most up-to-date forklift safety. information . With our forklift certification card training and other resources, becoming OSHA compliant is much easier and more affordable than you probably think. Forget about having your operators take time away from work to travel to and from expensive third- party training classes or seminars. Sign up with now and you can have them certified today!


OSHA holds employers legally responsible for having their forklift operators trained and certified, and that’s where we can help!

Before choosing a forklift certification card training program,  you’ll need to know what OSHA’s requires for your operators to obtain a forklift license. Each of these components must be included, so when you’re looking for a training program, be sure it covers all of the following (FLC’s forklift certification training program covers each of them). Here’s an overview:

 Basic forklift operating and maneuvering techniques

Warehouse-specific operating procedures

 Instruction that gives operators a good understanding of how a forklift works

Operating forklifts under various workplace scenarios

OSHA-compliant forklift operator training can be in the form of written instruction, video or interactive computer learning, as long as it’s delivered by a qualified industry professional. Students must also take a written exam, as well as pass a “hands-on” operating skills evaluation conducted by a qualified trainer.

Each of the following topics must be covered to meet OSHA forklift certification card requirements. FLC’s comprehensive forklift license template includes the following requirements and more:

Truck-related topics:

✓ Basic operating instructions, including warnings and precautions

✓ Differences between forklift trucks and passenger vehicles

✓ Forklift controls and instrumentation

✓ Forklift inspection, maintenance, and repair

✓ Forklift steering and maneuvering techniques

✓ Visibility and clearance issues

✓ Vehicle load limits and stabilization

✓ Various types of forklift attachments

Workplace-related topics:

✓ Surface conditions of the surrounding area

✓ Composition and placement of loads

✓ Load stability

✓ Load handling, moving, stacking and unstacking

✓ Working where pedestrians are present

✓ Navigating through narrow aisles

✓ Recognizing potentially dangerous situations

✓ Working around overhead obstacles, doorways, and other hazardous locations

✓ Maneuvering on and around slippery surfaces, ramps, and slopes

✓ Other potentially hazardous environments and conditions

Refresher Training

Our forklift certification training program also includes free refresher training as required by OSHA every three years. OSHA also makes it mandatory for operators to take refresher training to update their forklift license cards whenever one of the following occurs:

✓ One of your operators is in a forklift accident or near-miss

✓ An operator is seen driving in an unsafe manner

✓ A driver is assigned to operate a different type of truck

✓ A new type of lift is put into use

✓ Workplace conditions change


The first step is to find a forklift training program that’s 100% OSHA compliant. has exactly that program, and provides the best forklift license certification training based on the highest industry standards.

According to OSHA Guideline 29 CFR 1910.78 (1) (1), anyone who operates a forklift, regardless of whether they’re a  full-time, part time or contract worker is required to take forklift operator safety training. offers a complete selection of courses to train and certify your forklift operators. To help you choose the program that meets the needs of you and your operators, here’s an overview of what they cover:

 Forklift Training & Certification Kit

We’re often asked “How can I get my forklift operators certified?” FLC’s OSHA-approved training is the most comprehensive instruction available. In as little as just one hour, your drivers will learn everything they need to know about how to safely operate forklifts. There’s nothing else to buy – FLC’s Training and Certification Kit includes all materials needed to train and certify your operators for a one-time payment of only $299. This is the only training class you’ll ever need!

 Train the Trainer Program

Get your own in-house trainers to lead initial and refresher training classes for your employees. After taking our Train the Trainer class, one of your employees becomes an in-house OSHA safety expert! It was designed for companies that already have a forklift training program in place, but need a trainer to evaluate and certify their unlicensed forklift drivers. Hiring new employees? No problem – just fill in their unique information and our forklift operator card template handles the rest. It’s never been easier to handle your company’s forklift training program – on your terms and within your budget. The cost to have your own Certified Forklift Safety Expert is a one-time payment of only $149.

 Bundle Package

Can’t decide between the two? No problem! The FLC Bundle Package includes both the Train a Trainer Course and the Forklift Training & Certification Kit for just $399. That’s a $50 savings over buying the two programs separately. There’s no other OSHA-approved training around that offers a better value!


Our training programs are fast, easy and affordable! To get employees certified and issued forklift operator cards, choose the OSHA-compliant course or courses that meet your company’s training needs and follow these five easy steps:

1. Create an account on our website and register your company (it takes just a few minutes)

2. Register each of your operators

3. Instruct your operators to log in to the account

4. Have students work through the modules, which can be completed in about an hour, although there are no time restrictions for those who might need more time

5. After completing the written exam, students undergo hands-on, in-person equipment operating evaluation conducted by a certified trainer

It’s never been easier to get forklift licenses for your operators! After they pass the written test and hands-on evaluation, just download and print forklift the certification cards, place copies in the HR files and they can operate the equipment legally. There’s no need to wait for the certifications to arrive in the mail.

CHOOSE FLC FOR FAST, EASY & AFFORDABLE FORKLIFT LICENSE certification TODAY!’s online training has both Manager and Trainer login sessions, so both can access their forklift operator card 24/7 from any device connected to the internet. In as little as one hour, employees can complete their training and receive their forklift certification card working from home, at your place of business or even a coffee shop.

The big advantage here is that you can print out each employee’s OSHA forklift certification card whenever they’re needed. We make our programs and forklift license card training and certification as easy and convenient for you to complete and obtain as possible so you’ll always be covered.

As already pointed out, your employees can receive their forklift operator certification cards in about an hour. After their hands-on evaluation is complete, simply print their operator cards, give a copy for their wallet and file the certifications with your HR department. In the event of a forklift accident or injury, OSHA will review all of your training records, so it’s important to have your drivers’ training records on hand and available. Everything your company needs for compliance is included with our forklift certification template. will provide everything your workers need to get their forklift operator certification cards.

Get in touch with our OSHA forklift certification card specialists at (888) 278-8896 or visit the FLC contact page for more information about forklift operator training.

Thanks for making your trusted source for OSHA forklift certification cards! With our forklift license training, you’ll be OSHA compliant in no time at all! We look forward to hearing from you soon. Don’t delay – you can afford not to!

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