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San Francisco Forklift Certification Training

Get Forklift Certification in San Francisco – OSHA Compliant Training in Less than One Hour – Affordable – Convenient

San Francisco is situated at the tip of the peninsula that separates San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Some of the many attractions for which San Francisco is known to include the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Chinatown and, of course, the city’s iconic cable cars.

Many Bay Area firms require certified forklift operators – but the question is, do you know what it takes to achieve OSHA compliance?

If not, Forklift is here to help. Our training courses are ideal for forklift certification in San Francisco. Sign up today, and see how we can help!


Whether you own a business or operate forklifts for a living, getting an OSHA-approved San Francisco forklift certification from is one of the most important things you do to increase safety.

With no forklift certification in San Francisco, your company can’t legally have anyone operate forklifts, pallet jacks, and other industrial powered trucks.

Don’t take chances with OSHA fines and penalties. Give your employees the training they deserve. Sign up for forklift certification in San Francisco today!

Completing your San Francisco forklift certification training means that you’ll be able to avoid pitfalls that could otherwise harm you, your business, your customers and clients. Here are more of the many reasons:

Increased Productivity 

When workers have their San Francisco forklift certification, they’ll have detailed knowledge about the equipment they operate, which will increase their confidence on the job. As a result, they’ll operate the equipment more efficiently and overall productivity will increase.

Reduction in Workplace Accidents

Lack of proper training is one of the major causes of workplace accidents involving forklifts. FLC will teach your operators how to recognize and avoid potential hazards, along with the safety precautions that should be observed at all times.

Reduced Losses From Accidents

Having operators with forklift certification in San Francisco who understand hazard avoidance and other safety measures will result in fewer operator errors. Not only will you experience fewer accidents resulting in injuries to your workers, you’ll also see less accidental damages to machinery and equipment, inventory and the facility itself, all of which can be costly. By investing in proper training for your forklift operators, you can potentially avoid thousands of dollars in losses due to damages from forklift accidents.

Avoid OSHA Fines and Penalties

OSHA will penalize and fine companies that fail to take proper measures to maintain a safe working environment for their employees. For companies that use forklifts in their operations, OSHA will check to see if the businesses have the required training and certification paperwork on hand. Without the proper certifications, you’ll be at risk of incurring hefty fines until your entire forklift operator staff receives OSHA-approved San Francisco forklift certification training.


OSHA takes workplace safety very seriously. They’ve created a set of requirements that all business owners who employ forklift operators must follow to avoid fines and legal actions. First and foremost, all employers are required to provide their employees with a workplace that’s safe and free of hazards. Employers also must ensure that each of their operators receives OSHA-approved forklift operator training and is capable of safely operating the equipment. OSHA also requires that forklift training includes formal training with written instructional materials, practice operating a forklift, and undergoing a skills evaluation by an experienced trainer, including demonstrating proficiency in operating a forklift.

Other requirements for certifying San Francisco forklift operators include the operator’s ability to:

✓ Correctly identify the various controls and understand their functions

✓ Operate the engine

✓ Steer and maneuver a forklift

✓ Stack and unstack loads

✓ Drive through narrow passageways and aisles

✓ Avoiding pedestrians


All that’s needed to receive your forklift certification in San Francisco is fill out a short online profile and create an account, which only takes a few minutes. Spend about an hour of your time completing the online training program; download and print your San Francisco forklift certification and that’s it! Your certification is  ready to take to your next San Francisco forklift operator job interview or to your employer so that your new qualification can be added to your HR file.


We provide the best forklift certification in San Francisco training around. There’s no need for students or their employers to pay for expensive training materials. Since FLC’s training is online, the need to travel to and from an outside training facility and spend hours in a classroom is eliminated.

All materials are available online around the clock, so San Francisco forklift certification training can be completed anywhere there’s an Internet connection – from the comfort of your home, at a coffee shop or even at work during your lunch break. It only takes a few minutes to register your company and for your employees to create their accounts. The best part is that it only takes workers about one hour to complete the online training using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other digital devices.


FLC offers 3 OSHA-approved options to help you or your employees become certified forklift operators,  which are:

Training Kit

This is a common-sense Forklift Operator Training Course that emphasizes workplace safety. It includes everything you or your workers need to know about properly and safely operating forklifts for just $299.

Train a Trainer

This program trains a designated employee or employees to become in-house Certified Forklift Safety Specialists. Our $149 Train a Trainer Program lets employers organize their own OSHA-approved training to certify other employees and recently hired new forklift operators.

Bundle Package

The Training Kit and Train a Trainer courses are both included in FLC’s Bundle Package for just $399, which saves $50 over purchasing the two courses separately.


Need San Francisco forklift certification training? Send FLC a message or call us today at 888-278-8896, and we’ll help you get started with fast, easy and affordable San Francisco forklift operator training and certification. will give you and your employees all the tools, training and paperwork needed to comply with OSHA requirements. If you’re an employee, FLC’s certification in San Francisco will serve as evidence of your eligibility to legally operate forklifts in the workplace.

No other training provider can match FLC for affordability and convenience. All FLC forklift certification in San Francisco includes free lifetime refresher training, as well as free operator renewal training, which OSHA requires every three years or whenever a forklift operator is involved in a workplace accident.

We’ve made forklift training and certification in San Francisco fast, easy and affordable, so there’s no excuse for you not helping ensure the workplace safety of your coworkers and yourself by completing our San Francisco forklift certification training.

Still have questions or need more information? You can find out more about our San Francisco forklift certification training by contacting us online or calling us at (888) 278-8896.

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