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Columbus, Ohio is an American city unlike any other. It ranks second behind Chicago among the most populous cities in the Midwest. And, Columbus has a diverse economy, due to the fact that it is home to businesses in steel, technology, and many other industries.

Workplace safety is a top priority for businesses of all industries across Columbus. With the right approach to workplace safety, Columbus business owners can ensure that their employees can avoid on-the-job accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

If your Columbus business employs forklift operators, it must verify that these workers have earned OSHA certification. Because, if unlicensed operators are found using forklifts, your business is subject to OSHA violations. These operators can inadvertently expose themselves or others to risk, too.

For Columbus businesses that require workers to earn forklift certification, help is available. In fact, offers forklift certification in Columbus that enables workers to become OSHA-compliant forklift operators in as little as one hour.

Forklift Certification Columbus: Here’s What You Need to Know

OSHA requires workers who use forklifts at worksites in Columbus and all other cities and towns in the United States to have valid certification. To earn this certification, a worker must complete an OSHA-approved training program.

FLC is a trusted provider of forklift certification in Columbus. We offer an online program that allows workers to earn OSHA certification online. By completing our coursework, workers can learn the ins and outs of forklift safety. Plus, they can earn an OSHA certification card that remains valid for three years.

Why Should Your Business Choose FLC for Forklift Certification in Columbus?

FLC has provided OSHA-approved forklift certification training since 2002. There are many reasons why companies choose us for forklift certification, including:

Online Courses: FLC ensures businesses can forgo in-person certification training. Instead, companies can let their workers earn their forklift certification online.

Step-by-Step Lessons: We provide user-friendly training intended for workers of all skill and experience levels. Our training is interactive and easy to follow. In addition, if questions arise during training, we are available to respond to them.

No Textbooks Required: All of our training materials are accessible on a computer or mobile device, anywhere an internet connection is available. Thus, businesses won’t have to invest in textbooks or videos to help their workers become OSHA-compliant forklift operators.

Budget-Friendly Training: Our forklift certification training is available for a fraction of the cost of in-person training. Once your workers become OSHA-approved forklift operators, you can avoid costly OSHA fines and penalties as well.

Our training fulfills OSHA requirements for forklift certification. Therefore, it can deliver immense value for your business and its employees.

Get Started with Forklift Certification in Columbus from FLC

FLC provides multiple forklift certification courses. We encourage you to browse our courses, so you can find the right class for your workers.

If you have additional questions or are ready to enroll your workers in forklift certification training, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896.