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The Importance of Forklift Safety: Brooklyn Accident in the Spotlight

A recent accident in New York City showed yet again how forklift disasters can surface in the most unlikely places. Most mishaps occur in warehouses, loading docks, construction sites and similar places. But for one person in NYC’s Brooklyn borough, a leisurely stroll quickly turned into a trip to the hospital.

On Wednesday, March 26, a woman was seriously injured when she was hit by a forklift on a busy Brooklyn street, officials said. The victim was taking a walk near the intersection of 60th St. and 13th Ave. in Borough Park about 3:22 in the afternoon when a forklift struck the woman.

Officials declined to give any more details, other than the woman was transported by paramedics to Lutheran Medical Center with serious injuries. And while police are still investigating the incident, there is still no word on whether charges will be filed against the driver, the company that employs the driver or anyone else.Importance of Forklift Safety

This accident – in broad daylight, on a bustling New York City street, no less – stresses the importance of forklift safety. OSHA guidelines rarely, if ever, extend beyond an employer’s physical location or address. However, proper forklift safety never takes a rest. The driver may have been loading a truck near the sidewalk, or transporting cargo to a nearby facility. If anything, the driver should have been even MORE aware of their surroundings!

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