3 Reasons to Get Forklift Certification

reasons to get forklift certificationOperating a forklift is a specialized job requiring training and certification. OSHA Regulation Standard 29 CFR 1910.178 requires that all employees get a forklift license before they may be allowed to operate such equipment. Once certified, operators have to renew their forklift license every three years, sooner if they are involved in a forklift accident, if the operating environment or the equipment changes, or if an operator is observed to be driving a forklift in an unsafe manner.

Reason 1 – OSHA

OSHA has the authority to fine an employer $7,000 for every forklift operator who is not certified. This can rise to $70,000 if they can prove willful neglect.

Reason 2 – Marketability

Although employers can get forklift certification for their workers quickly and easily from ForkliftCertification.com, if you apply for a job and you already have got a forklift license, then, all other things being equal, you will have a competitive edge.

Reason 3 – The Life (or Limb)You Save May Be Your Own

Every year, we publish the same statistics on the number of forklift operators or their colleagues who are killed each year in forklift-related accidents, and every year the same numbers come up. According to the Bureau of Labor, approximately 100 workers are fatally injured each year in an incident involving a forklift or other type of powered industrial truck[1].  You can beat those odds, can’t you? Maybe. But how about the 34,000 others who do time in the emergency room each year in PIT-related accidents. Do you still feel lucky?

It takes only an hour or so and less than $100 to get trained and certified with ForkliftCertification.com. We have been training and certifying forklift operators since 2002. Be safe and prepared and get your forklift training started today.


[1] Collins, JW, et al, Injuries related to forklifts and other powered industrial vehicles in automobile manufacturing,” American Journal of Industrial Medicine, November 1999