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It’s the employer’s responsibility to see that all their forklift operators are properly trained with California forklift certification, so if you’re not yet up to speed, it’s time to arrange for your operators to receive OSHA-approved California forklift certification training. offers a great selection of courses with many benefits, including:

  • Online convenience
  • Free renewal training
  • 100% OSHA compliance
  • Updated training as OSHA and ANSI regulations chance
  • Great customer service
  • And much more

California’s population continues to surge, which is a good thing for companies that employ forklift operators. But it can also be a huge negative, if you don’t know where to turn for your forklift certification and training. FLC offers a wide range of opportunities for skilled tradespeople, including forklift operators. Cities from San Diego to Sacramento, and just about everywhere in between, steady growth in the construction industry is the engine that powers the state’s economy.

As an employer in California, you need to be sure that your entire crew of forklift operators has received proper forklift operator training and certification in order to comply with Office of Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations.


From Sacramento to San Francisco, from Redding to Riverside, from Los Angeles to Los Olivos, you need to provide forklift certification in California. Our courses offer premium value with a variety of training needs – and they’re all OSHA compliant.

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Online Certification

  •, our sister training, and OSHA compliance company allows you to complete online certification for $99.

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Getting a California forklift certification for your operators through will put you and your company on the fast track to becoming OSHA-compliant and having a safer workplace for your employees.

Every CA business needs to supply forklift certification in California, in accordance with OSHA regulations. Employers need to legally declare to the state that their workers are familiar with all safety guidelines and follow them while operating forklifts, which is why you need to have your forklift operators properly trained and certified through FLC’s online training. The problem is, many California employers don’t know where to begin with their training program. With FLC in your corner, you’ll have an OSHA compliant solution ready to go. Don’t miss a beat with your California forklift certification – sign up with FLC today and ensure better safety for everyone!

California forklift certification training will give them all the information they need to become among the best forklift operators around. FLC’s training will teach them how to be productive, efficient, and safe by recognizing and avoiding hazards that can cause serious accidents that can result in injuries or even death. To put it simply, forklift certification in California for your operators will give you a better and safer workplace that will appeal to the best employees in the job market.

Forklift operators with their OSHA-approved forklift certification in California are needed to complete these processes. Here are some of the many areas where properly trained and certified forklift operators can find work. If you hire forklift workers, here are just some of the roles and industries you need to provide forklift certification in California:

 Pallet jack order selector



Food Processing

Shipping & Receiving

Distribution Centers

Self Storage

Malls and Retail Operations

Maintenance Facilities

Maritime and Shipyards

Logistics – distribution, warehousing, etc.

Wineries and Breweries

Special events and entertainment venues

And many others



FLC makes it easy and affordable to get the top quality California forklift operator certification you’ll need to begin a new career or business. It’s also the best way for employers to have their operators certified to comply with OSHA regulations. FLC has created one of the only online programs that teach workers everything they need to know to safely operate forklifts, including performing inspections, avoiding potential hazards and eliminating the need to travel to an offsite facility or pay to have an instructor come to your workplace to conduct in-person classroom training.

At FLC, we ensure workers receive all of the important information they need to become proficient at safely operating forklifts and to also comply with all OSHA regulations.

Having forklift certification in California means you as an employer will no longer need to worry about having overlooked any workplace dangers or being subject to penalties and fines down the road. All training materials in FLC’s forklift certification in California are online 24/7 and can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet or another digital device any time and any place there’s a reliable internet connection. Although there are no time constraints and the training is completely self-paced, most students are able to complete it in as little as one hour. Of course, your employees can take the tests and training content at their own pace. Our forklift certification in California has a 100% pass rate. And with our hands-on skills evaluation, you’ll always verify they understand OSHA safety rules and regulations with your own equipment!

Once you’ve finished the course, you or your employees can immediately download and print temporary forklift operator certification cards. In about 7 to 10 days, the permanent California forklift operator cards are mailed.’s OSHA-approved forklift operator certifications are recognized throughout the state and across the country.

Get started today to get you or your employees’ forklift certification in California through’s OSHA-approved online training. All it takes to enroll your company or yourself in our training program are a few minutes of your time and these 5 easy steps to create an account and complete the training and certification process:

Follow these easy and simple steps for obtaining California forklift certification:

  1. Register your company and your operators on the FLC website
  2. Have your workers log on to the account
  3. Next, have them work through the training modules
  4. They then take the quizzes and written final exam working at their own pace (our pass rate is 100 %)
  5. Download and print temporary operator certification cards

That’s all there is to it! Your employees will then be qualified to operate forklifts in workplaces throughout California


Because our forklift training program is online, you can get your California forklift certification from anywhere. Learn more there:

Los Angeles

Become a part of the buzz of this vibrant city and open the door to jobs in the music and movie industries by completing your Los Angeles forklift certification in just an hour!

San Diego

Enjoy San Diego’s beautiful weather all year long when you receive your California forklift certification through FLC. It only takes one hour!

San Francisco

Get a good job in the Bay Area and stop just visiting this great city by getting your San Francisco forklift certification in less than one afternoon.

For fast easy and affordable OSHA-approve forklift certification in California, is the best option! Get started today – you can’t afford the costs of non-compliance!