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If you hire forklift drivers, you’re responsible for San Diego forklift certification. The problem is, many companies don’t have the training knowledge and OSHA insight to provide forklift certification in San Diego.

Enter, the #1 training source for employers throughout Southern California, including San Diego. Our forklift certification in San Diego features:

  • Great prices
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  • Free renewal training
  • Online convenience
  • And much more

Get started today with FLC and ensure your forklift operators are safe – and OSHA compliant!


Sign up for San Diego forklift certification today – just pick any one or a combination of these courses from FLC:

Train a Trainer

San Diego forklift certification class for your on-site training resource – a tremendous value at just $149!

Training Kit 

Whether you need to train new employees or give veteran operators a refresher for OSHA compliance, the Training Kit is an ideal San Diego forklift certification course, and it’s just $299.

Bundle Package

Decisions, decisions….if you can’t decide between our Training Kit and Train a Trainer class, get both for an exclusive bundle rate of $399. San Diego forklift certification doesn’t get more affordable or comprehensive than the FLC Bundle Package!

Online Certification

What’s more, we offer online certification through our related training company,, for just $59.

Don’t delay any more with your forklift certification in San Diego. Register your company NOW and ensure OSHA compliance for your forklift drivers!


Forklift operators are needed to stack and retrieve products and materials safely while increasing productivity and abiding by state regulations. As the majority of forklift accidents occur due to improper training, employers are always seeking those who are properly certified to reduce the risk for workplace injuries. Plus, a certification will increase the functions and performance within the warehouse.

One of the largest cities in California, San Diego has a diverse economy and industries offers employment opportunities in a number of sectors for those with a San Diego forklift certification. From the U.S. Navy Reserve to Action Technologies Defense Group, qualified forklift operators are in demand – and if you’re hiring, you need to offer San Diego forklift certification. In addition, many logistic companies, large warehouses, and manufacturing plants need to provide forklift certification in San Diego.


There are many reasons to obtain your San Diego forklift certification. But the best reason is to ensure your company is compliant with OSHA administration. But there are many benefits that come with forklift training in San Diego as well.

Reduce the number of annual forklift accidents. There are nearly 100 fatal forklift-related accidents that occur every year, and San Diego forklift certification helps reduce accidents..

Improve the efficiency of the workplace. Educated forklift workers are much more capable of creating a productive workplace. Employers love this about certified workers and will always hire them before untrained workers – just another benefit of FLC’s forklift certification in San Diego!

 Help maintain San Diego. Forklifts are used in many construction, manufacturing, and processing sites across San Diego. They are needed to maintain progress and keep San Diego a modern and growing city. Contribute to San Diego’s growth with San Diego forklift certification from FLC!


You’ll need San Diego forklift training in order to get your company compliant with OSHA. FLC’s online courses are taken to obtain the knowledge and commonly used concepts, practices, and techniques to safely operate a forklift. In addition, forklift training in San Diego involves the education of pre-established guidelines and requirements to safely meet the functions of the job, such as OSHA requirements. Upon completion of the training, the certification is issued, which will be valid throughout California. Choose one of three options that has to offer (training kittrain the trainer, or the bundle package), and get started today! Sign up for San Diego forklift certification with FLC and get on the path to complete OSHA compliance!

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