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San Diego is home to a wide range of research, technology, developmental, and manufacturing companies — all of which look for qualified forklift operators. From aerospace and navigation to construction and biomedical facilities, companies across San Diego often need certified forklift operators. offers OSHA-compliant forklift certification training to San Diego businesses and their employees. We provide three forklift certification training options:


Sign up for San Diego forklift certification today – just pick any one or a combination of these courses from FLC:

Train a Trainer

Lets your workers become OSHA-compliant who can train, evaluate, and certify forklift operators across your staff – a tremendous value at just $149!

Training Kit 

Teaches your workers how to operate a forklift competently, safely, and according to OSHA standards for just $299

Bundle Package

Includes our Train a Trainer and Training Kit, making it ideal for businesses that want all the benefits of an on-site forklift trainer and a best-in-class employee forklift certification training package. The exclusive bundle rate is just $399.

Online Certification

What’s more, we offer online certification through our related training company,, for just $59.

Get your employees up to speed on forklift certification training — browse our course catalog today.

Forklift Training Classes in San Diego

Forklift operators are needed to stack and retrieve products and materials safely. They must abide by state regulations. Failure to do so can cause forklift operators to put themselves and others in danger. They are also susceptible to forklift accidents, as well as associated fatalities and injuries.

The majority of forklift accidents occur due to improper training. As such, employers are always seeking those who are properly certified to reduce the risk for forklift accidents.

In addition, forklift certification can help businesses become more productive than ever before. This is due in part to the fact that certified forklift operators can prevent accidents that otherwise lead to lost productivity.

Forklift Certification San Diego: Why Do Your Employees Need It?

There are many reasons to obtain your San Diego forklift certification. But the best reason is to ensure your company is compliant with OSHA administration. But there are many benefits that come with forklift training in San Diego as well.

There are many reasons to require your employees to obtain San Diego forklift certification —  from job security to being compliant with OSHA requirements. There are many benefits that come with forklift training in San Diego as well. These include:

1. Fewer Forklift Accidents

Nearly 100 fatal forklift-related accidents  occur every year. Certified forklift operators can do their part to reduce this number. They know how to operate a forklift safely, inspect the equipment, and assess the surrounding environment to avoid dangers.

2. Increased Workplace Efficiency

Certified forklift operators know how to correctly drive and maintain a lift. Since these operators have sufficient training, they are well-equipped to avoid costly, time-intensive mistakes. The result: these operators can contribute to an efficient work environment.

3. High Earning Potential

Forklift certification in San Diego opens the doors to more job opportunities and puts workers in position to land high-paying jobs. This specialized training allows workers to move up the corporate ladder faster than untrained ones. Plus, forklift certification training can help workers qualify for management positions. Therefore, if you want workers to enjoy successful careers with your business, you may want to provide forklift certification training. That way, you can help workers enhance their skill sets and accelerate their career growth.

4. Support for San Diego and the Local Economy

Forklift operators are needed to perform work at construction, manufacturing, and processing sites across San Diego. They help make San Diego an amazing city for residents and visitors alike. So, as a forklift operator in San Diego, you can contribute to the city and its economy.

Forklift License San Diego: What Businesses Are Hiring Certified Forklift Operators?

There is no shortage of San Diego businesses looking for certified forklift operators. From the U.S. Navy Reserve to Action Technologies Defense Group, you’ll find a number of employers looking for qualified forklift operators. Furthermore, many logistics companies, large warehouses, and manufacturing plants hire those with a forklift certification.

How Do I Get Forklift Certification for Your Workers in San Diego?

You’ll need to enroll your workers in San Diego forklift training, so they can obtain their forklift certification. FLC’s online courses are taken to obtain the knowledge and commonly used concepts, practices, and techniques to safely operate a forklift. And, forklift training in San Diego involves the education of pre-established guidelines and requirements to safely meet the functions of the job.

What Should Your Employees Expect During Forklift Training Classes in San Diego?

Forklift training classes in San Diego are designed for workers of all skill and experience levels. They focus on a variety of forklift safety topics, including:

  • Types of forklifts
  • Forklift controls
  • Forklift maintenance
  • Forklift hazards and how to avoid them

Upon completion of training, forklift certification is issued. This will be valid throughout California.

Forklift License San Diego: How Long Does It Remain Valid?

A San Diego forklift license remains valid for three years following completion of a certification program. At this point, a forklift operator will need to complete a renewal class. After the renewal class is completed, the operator’s license will once again remain valid for three years.

What Will Happen If a San Diego Forklift License Lapses?

It is illegal to operate a forklift at a San Diego worksite or any other jobsite in the United States without a license. Thus, if a forklift operator lets their license lapse, he or she is breaking the law.

Employers are responsible for verifying that forklift operators have a valid license. If a business lets a worker operate a forklift without a license, it can face OSHA penalties. Also, the company puts the forklift operator and others in danger.

Enroll Your Workers in San Diego Forklift Certification Training from FLC is a leading provider of forklift certification training in the United States. We make it easy for your employees to become OSHA-compliant forklift operators any time they choose.

For more information about our forklift certification training, please contact us online or call us at (888) 278-8896 . Or, get started with one of our forklift certification training options today!

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