An In-Depth Look at Modern Building Materials

A revolution is underway in the construction industry. New construction materials look poised to transform the way bridges, skyscrapers, and other structures are built. At the same time, modern construction materials and techniques are in development that could help construction workers erect structures faster, more affordably, and more efficiently than ever before.

5 Modern Building Materials That Will Revolutionize the Construction Industry

New building materials that may change the way construction professionals work include:

1. Self-Healing Concrete

For those who worry about concrete cracking and wearing down over time, a self-healing variety is now available. Self-healing concrete features water-activated bacteria that creates the rock-forming mineral calcite to heal cracks. In addition, self-healing concrete has a lifespan of approximately 200 years.

2. Laminated Timber

Laminated timber may be the future of wood — and for good reason. It provides greater water resistance and strength than traditional wood. Laminated wood also has the potential to support skyscrapers.

3. Spider Silk

Spider silk is a synthetic building material that consists primarily of water and is stronger than steel. As such, spider silk may prove to be exceedingly valuable for use in laboratories and acoustic building tiles.

4. Wool Brick

Wool brick consists of a combination of wool and seaweed polymer and offers superior strength in comparison to traditional brick. It also has the potential to make buildings less susceptible to damage caused by cold temperatures.

5. Hydroceramics

Hydroceramics could play important roles in the future of cooling buildings. They consist of a ceramic, fabric, and hydrogels that can absorb hundreds of times its volume in water. Hydroceramics could help building owners cool their properties and minimize their air-conditioning costs as well.

What Does the Future Hold for Modern Building Materials and Techniques?

Sustainability is a top priority relative to modern building materials and techniques. Construction professionals are constantly searching for ways to incorporate sustainable materials into their buildings. They are frequently exploring opportunities to help building owners limit their electricity bills, too.

Safety is also key in terms of modern building materials and techniques. Construction professionals want to ensure that building materials are both safe and effective. Furthermore, they want to ensure that buildings are constructed properly and are made to last.

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New building materials and techniques are being developed. Regardless, construction professionals require safety training to ensure that they can avoid on-the-job accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

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