Electric Forklift VS Gas Forklift

Let the debate begin.

Ford vs Chevy. Coke vs Pepsi. MJ vs LeBron. Manning vs Brady. It seems every segment of American life has to have an argument. And whether you’re talking about cars, soft drinks or sports, it always boils down between two main choices. Pick your side, but be prepared to defend your guy (or drink, automobile or whatever else).

Electric Forklift VS Gas Forklift
Electric Forklift VS Gas Forklift

For anyone who drives or owns a forklift, the current big debate is the electric forklift vs gas forklift contrast. Some people think electric forklifts are a passing fancy, while others think gas forklifts have had their run and it’s time to retire. Let’s examine the main differences between the two.

Power & Performance – right now, gas forklifts are generally more powerful. But in a few years, as electric forklifts become more common in the marketplace, analysts expect virtually no difference between the two types. Turning radius and lifting speed still favor the gas forklifts, but those advantages are also disappearing as electric lifts see improved engineering and design. Advantage: gas (for now).

Pollution – here’s where the electric forklifts can brag a little bit. Internal combustion engine (commonly called ICE) forklifts have no tailpipe emissions, while gas forklift emit minor pollution. Keep in mind, the average gas forklift isn’t exactly spewing tons of harmful toxins into the atmosphere, but there is a difference between the two. Advantage: electric

Cost – OK, here’s where it gets tricky. Depending on the type of electric and gas forklifts you’re comparing, the two could offset each other. While electric forklifts don’t require fuel (for an average annual savings of over $20,000), their suggested retail price is higher than gas forklifts. Maintenance is lower with electric lifts. Advantage: it’s a toss-up, folks.

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