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Forklift Certification Los Angeles

As a leader for incubating new ideas, products, and the entrepreneurial spirit, Los Angeles is a hub for trade and manufacturing. Hosting one of the largest retail markets, manufacturing centers, and ports in the United States, jobs for certified forklift operators are in high demand. The various industries and economic infrastructures in the city provide forklift operators with a stable career path. By holding a Los Angeles forklift certification card, operators typically earn a median salary of $36,000.

Why Get a Los Angeles Forklift Certification?

For those wondering if Los Angeles forklift certification is simply a formality and isn’t actually needed to operate forklifts, we’re here to tell you that it is quite possibly the most valuable education you will undergo as a forklift driver. It is the tool you need to protect your life on the job and prevent accidents that lead to injuries and fatalities every year on worksites. And when you want to land a forklift job, achieving your certification is the first step. Not only does this show employers that you are properly trained, but it proves your willingness and commitment to the job. Forklift jobs in Los Angeles face tough competition, but by achieving your Los Angeles forklift certification, you’ll stand out from the competition by having the skills, training, and qualifications to safety and properly operate a forklift. forklift certification los angeles

What Kind of Forklift Training Do I Need?

Los Angeles forklift training will teach the standard safety guidelines and regulations, operational issues, and techniques used to safely operate a forklift. Through online training, you’ll be prepared to meet state and local operational guidelines. Additionally, you’ll want to look for a training program that goes above and beyond and teaches you all of the OSHA standards. An OSHA-compliant forklift certification Los Angeles is going to provide all of the information you need to not only protect your life but to also appeal to employers by being compliant with the administration that can fine businesses.

Forklift Jobs in Los Angeles

Because of the scale of the city and amount of bustling industries, Los Angeles forklift jobs are plentiful and available year-round for prospective employees. Among the most in demand industries for forklift operators in Los Angeles are materials management, construction and installation, skilled trades, and transportation and warehousing. But in order to benefit from the profitable career path, a forklift certification in Los Angeles is needed.

los angeles forklift certification

Here are some examples of positions and companies that hire forklift workers in Los Angeles who have their Los Angeles forklift certification:

  • Heavy Equipment Operator, Los Angeles, CA –Atlas Iron & Metal Co.
  • Driver/Forklift Operator, Warehouse Worker, Los Angeles, CA—Green Project Inc.
  • Freight Handler/Forklift Operator, Los Angeles, CA—Daylight Transport LLC
  • Shipping & Receiving Technician, Los Angeles, CA—Medical Professionals, Inc.
  • Material Handler/Forklift Operator, Los Angeles, CA—American Fruit Processors.
  • Cherry Picker Operator, Chino, CA—iLink Business Management
  • Forklift Operator, Industry, CA—Williams-Sonoma

Forklift workers are a vital and necessary component of Los Angeles because they are needed to keep it safe and modern. If you’re interested in any of the jobs above, take into consideration that the average pay for jobs that don’t require certification is $10 an hour, while those that do require certification pay on average $15-$17 an hour. That pay difference really adds up! Be sure to invest in yourself and complete your Los Angeles forklift certification with

Choose for Los Angeles Forklift Certification

Thanks to our online program, getting your forklift certification in Los Angeles is simple and affordable. Our forklift training courses teach operators everything they need to know to operate forklifts safely, including how to work the controls, how to perform inspections, how to assess the environment, and how to recognize and avoid hazards. It teaches workers how to protect their safety, while being the most efficient and productive on the job.

From any device with an internet connection and in only about one hour, you can complete your Los Angeles forklift certification and be certified to operate forklifts in a new job.

Upon completing your certification requirements, you’ll be OSHA-compliant, which will remain valid throughout the state of California for three years. Three-year renewals are always free with us! Never pay for training ever again! offers three different products:

The Train the Trainer course is for experienced operators who would love to transition careers into one that teaches new employees how to operate forklifts safely and properly.

The Training kit includes each of our three equipment-specific forklift trainings. You can purchase each of them separately, or save with all of them at once. The forklift types we teach are: Warehouse Forklifts, Pallet Jacks & Order Pickers, and Rough Terrain Forklifts. Upon completion, the training kit will reward you with your Los Angeles forklift certification.

The Bundle package is for you if you’re an employer and need to train new employees in forklift certification, and would like to train your own experienced operators in how to teach new workers and lead the practical evaluation that’s required for certification by OSHA. Save money on each of these training courses when you bundle and save with the discounted package deal.

Choose one to get started today and complete your Los Angeles forklift certification in less than one afternoon!

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